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Singer Neha Bhasin finds being vegan worth it!

It's tricky for Neha Bhasin to strike a balance between her comfort Punjabi food and her choice to be vegan, but the singer finds it wiser and healthier!
neha bhasin
Veganism is the way of life for Neha Bhasin. Image courtesy: Shutterstock/Neha Bhasin
Swati Chaturvedi Updated: 17 Nov 2021, 18:35 pm IST
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Singer Neha Bhasin has been vocal about her journey of adopting vegan diet, shares that the choice has made her life simpler. The Chashni (Bharat, 2019) crooner says, “I am gluten intolerant and lactose intolerant. Being vegan makes your food choices very simple. A plant-based diet is a wiser choice for our health and our environment.”

Elaborating further, she says, “Three-quarters of all infectious diseases stem from farmed animals. If we reduced or eliminated the use of animal products, it will help protect ourselves from many diseases.”

Should you or should you not turn to veganism? Image courtesy: Shutterstock

However, hailing from a Punjabi household makes it tricky for the 38-year old to maintain a balance between her comfort food and her diet.

She shares, “Every foodie’s predicament when they turn vegan is missing out on foods, they have had all their lives. Especially for a Punjabi, who had an array of sumptuous dishes to choose from. I used to love paneer and cheese and dahi. I miss ghee and other Punjabi dairy products a lot. I also miss parathe. But it’s a sacrifice worth making.”

A believer of combining a healthy diet with physical training. Bhasin likes to keep changing her fitness regimes to get the best results.

“I used to do crust training every day for an hour up till a year back. The whole of last year I’ve been running for an hour every day in the morning and practicing yoga once in a while. I do believe a lot in stretching and remaining flexible, she says and adds she also prefers kickboxing as it improves posture, and helps reduce stress.

vegan diet
Vegan makes your food choice simple! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Not a fan of fad diets, Bhasin prefers to stick to eating during the daytime, “I like to eat in the sun cycle and prefer not to eat at night beyond 7pm. Of course, I am not always able to follow it but I’d like to reduce my intake post sunset.”

The only way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to keep her choices, “sustainable”, feels the singer. Ending on a cheery note, she reveals her cheat meal musts, and says, “I eat French fries on those days.”

  • 124
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