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Planning to eliminate fat from your diet? 8 reasons why it is a really bad idea

Going fat-free can be the biggest mistake of your life, and can deteriorate your health. Read on to know why.
fat free
Fats do not cause harm, if they are consumed in moderation. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 16 Feb 2021, 12:48 pm IST
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When we decide to embark on the journey of weight loss, the first thing that comes to mind is to skip fat. That means no ghee wali chapati and no homemade halwas. Basically, you feel boycotting everything that has ghee or fat in it is the best idea. Well, sorry missy but you are doing it all wrong. Do you know why? That’s because fats are good for your body.

And here’s another secret: desi ghee, which is generally banned from the kitchen of weight loss freaks can actually help you lose unwanted fat. That’s because it has butyric acid, which aids digestion. Now what do you have to say? 

Going fat-free is a huge mistake, said nutritionist Manisha Chopra

Fat-free food sounds healthy, but frankly it isn’t the right choice. When it comes to health, always remember that the type of fat you eat is more important than the quantity of fat you consume. Avoiding fat is not a healthy choice to make. Fats are helpful in fighting many diseases, so do not go fat-free at any cost.

Here are eight reasons why skipping fat can be dangerous
1. Skipping fat can increase the risk of getting heart disease

Good fats promote good cardiovascular health. Omega-3 acids in fats help in the protection against heart disease, cholesterol and hypertension. Lack of fat in the body can raise risks related to the heart.

fat free
Take care of your heart with some good fat. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
2. Going fat-free can make you deficient in certain vitamins

Fats help our body to absorb fat soluble vitamins. In the absence of fats, our bodies will not be able to absorb and utilize the vitamins and hence, we can develop vitamin deficiencies.

3. It can lead to problems with your appetite

A fat-free diet is not helpful when it comes to weight loss. One tends to eat more, when consuming fat-free food. It apparently increases your appetite.

4. A fat-free diet can make you moody

The brain requires a number of nutrients, including fats, to function well. Fats help the brain to produce chemicals which are necessary to enhance our mood. A fat-free diet will result in mood problems. It will also reduce the ability to concentrate.

Also, watch:

5. Drop in immunity is also observed when you give up on fat

Going fat-free weakens the immune system and results in frequent sickness. Fatty acids are essential for the development of immune cells in the body.

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6. A fat-free diet can lead to skin inflammation

One of the reasons behind healthy skin is the presence of fats in the body. Fats help in the growth of skin cells, and maintain the moisture in the skin. A fat-free diet can lead to skin problems like dermatitis.

7. It can lead to hair loss

Some molecules present in fats promote hair growth. Consumption of fat- free food can also lead to hair loss in some people. It can also change the hair texture.

8. Skipping fat slows wound healing process

Fatty molecules control the body’s inflammatory response. So, a low intake of fats disturbs this response, and results in slow wound healing.

One should consume at least 45-55 grams of fats daily,” suggests Ms Chopra.

Here are some ways to include fats in your diet, without putting on weight
  • Eat avocados
  • Nosh on egg whites
  • Include nuts
  • Add seeds in your diet (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds)
  • Soybean is a must
  • Try fatty fish
  • Consume olive oil

Also, watch:

People dealing with obesity, pre-existing cholesterol problems or heart-related problems should consume very less fat, but they shouldn’t avoid them completely,” warns Ms Chopra.

So don’t get swayed by myths, and befriend fat to stay healthy. 

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