On World Chocolate Day, let’s find out which chocolate is the healthiest

No one refuses a bar of rich and indulgent chocolate, but are all kinds of chocolates good for you? On this World Chocolate Day, it’s time to reveal it all.
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A bar of dark chocolate a day keeps the doctor away. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Geetika Sachdev Updated: 7 Jul 2021, 11:17 am IST
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Who doesn’t love indulging in a bar of rich, creamy chocolate? Didn’t you just drool at the thought of it? We bet you did! That’s because chocolate does that to you. Well, it’s time for us to leave our fantasy world and step into reality. But have you ever wondered why this dessert makes people go weak in the knees? The answer is endorphins. When you indulge in your favourite bar, your body releases certain hormones that uplift your mood almost instantly. But let’s remember — this is all because of the deadly combination of fat, sugar and salt. And although it makes you feel great at that point, you end up piling on the calories and feeling worse, when your blood sugar levels crash. 

But can chocolate be eaten without guilt? Is it even possible for it to be healthy? The answer is YES. It all depends on the type of chocolate you eat. Of course, we all have our preferences when it comes to chocolate. There are some who love dark chocolate, others get a rush with good old milk chocolate. But the fact is not everything is good for you. 

On this World Chocolate Day, it’s time to understand which one is significantly healthier than the rest. Ready? Let’s go! 

World Chocolate Day
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It’s dark chocolate all the way

Of course, we always knew this. Didn’t we? Dark chocolate might not taste as delicious as the others, but we all know how good it is. But why so? That’s because of the amount of flavonoids and antioxidants it contains. These are chemicals that are found within the cocoa seed.

Flavonoids are phytochemicals that help to reduce the risk of heart disease. Not just that, they lower the risk of cancer and decrease the incidence of blood clotting by reducing platelet accumulation. On the other hand, antioxidants are helpful to build a strong immune system. They also reduce the impact of free radicals, which are associated with premature aging and cancer. 

Moreover, dark chocolate contains 35% non-fat chocolate liquor, and has more flavonoids and antioxidants than other types of chocolate. 

World Chocolate Day
Is your battery at 2%? Dark chocolate could be your answer.Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
How about other chocolates?

Most people love milk chocolate, but guess what? It has 12% whole milk, and therefore, has more fat content than dark. Plus, the flavonoids and antioxidant content is also much lower, which means it really isn’t as healthy. It might sound strange, but this chocolate has no cocoa, and the highest sugar content. 

All in all, it’s essential to remember that the higher the cocoa percentage, the more flavonoids and antioxidants there are, the greater the health benefits. So, if you are looking for a bar that’s truly healthy – go with one that has at least 70% cocoa. 

So ladies, now that you know — it’s time to dive deep into a bar of dark chocolate. Enjoy this treat without any guilt! 

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