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Looking to lose weight? Try out these 3 rules by Rujuta Diwekar and see a difference

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar is known for her holistic health tips. This time around, she has shared the importance of portion size and how one must not starve to mess up the body’s metabolism. She has also shared some tips to maintain satiety!
exercise for weight loss
There's no substitute for exercise. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Geetika Sachdev Updated: 30 Jun 2021, 05:02 pm IST
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Weight loss is the dream for most people, but they struggle to achieve it. Although everyone knows basic rules like eating a nutritious diet and exercising, there’s a lot more that goes into shedding that unwanted fat. What’s also important to understand is that starving does not help in any way, it only causes more issues. That’s something celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has emphasised time and again. She’s someone who has always been a firm advocate of a holistic lifestyle, and believes that desi food has all the superpowers to make us healthy and happy! 

She’s also someone who has made us fall in love with ghee and paranthas all over again, and we love her for that. 

This time around, Rujuta has shared an Instagram post that speaks about how much to eat. While we often speak about what to eat and how many times to eat, the quantity is pretty much ignored. For the uninitiated, portion control is a huge factor that contributes to healthy weight loss., but when followed the right way. 

Rujuta Diwekar weight loss tips
Losing weight has never been so easy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

She has shared her video where she speaks about how most of us go off track from our fitness goals, because we tend to eat less. “We are all obsessed with eating less, as if it is the shortest route to health, wellness, and long life. But that’s not the case – it doesn’t mean that if you eat less, you are going to stay happy and at peace,” she says.

Instead, Rujuta believes that this is what leads to people looking for all kinds of junk like chocolates, chips and biscuits, in the middle of the night. It doesn’t just put you off track in your fitness journey, but expands your waistline. It also reduces the strength to weight ratio.

“When you try and eat a very small portion size, then the anabolism will reduce. When anabolism goes down, catabolism increases. Instead of getting fitter, leaner and younger and faster in your movement, you become slower, weaker, older and fatter,” she adds.

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Check out her post: 


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A post shared by Rujuta Diwekar (@rujuta.diwekar)

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So what is the solution?

Hunger and satiety is steered by two hormones namely ghrelin and leptin. Through the action of these two, “we have the ability to self-terminate the act of eating,” says Rujuta.

In this regard, she has shared three rules to sharpen hunger and satiety signals. 

Rujuta believes in following the 3S – sit, slow, and silence. She advises people to ideally sit on the floor or at any fixed place to eat. The other tip is to slowly chew and not to rush. Most of the time, we juggle multiple tasks and end up eating more than required. The idea is to sit back and take time to chew. Last but not the least, she says eating in complete silence is a must. This means no gadgets or even arguments, when eating. It is critical to focus all your senses on your food. 

So ladies, start with one meal a day and increase the frequency! 

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