Lassi is not just great for ‘thandak’, but for weight loss too!

Lassi is not only known for its amazing taste, but also because of its numerous health benefits. Weight loss is one of them.
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Lassi can do more for you than just cool you down! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Gurpreet Kaur Published: 3 Jun 2022, 17:54 pm IST
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The summer season is getting worse by the day, and escaping the heat is becoming a task. The only way to combat that is to hydrate yourself and hence, most of us tend to grab a chilled drink. What can be better than a glass of lassi? by blending fresh curd which is churned well and topped with sugar or salt. And let us tell you that the benefits of lassi go beyond being just an excellent coolant!

Lassi is certainly one of the best beverages for the instant relief it offers. Believe us when we say it, a tall glass of chilled lassi is a must try, especially if your goal is weight loss! Buttermilk or namkeen lassi can be your go-to drink.

Why to consume lassi for weight loss?

Lassi not only known for its amazing taste, but also because of its numerous health benefits. Enriched with the goodness of milk, the probiotic content in lassi is perfect to cure any digestion related issues. The lactobacillus aids in easing bowel movements too.

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Try making lassi with curd and enjoy it! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Renowned nutritionist and author Kavita Devgan tells Health Shots that lassi is perfect for weight loss because, “It hydrates and delivers essential nutrients that the body needs with a low calorie load. A glass of lassi just has 50-80 calories approximately. Lassi is also a high satiety food, which means it keeps you full for longer, and so it helps cut cravings for junk.”

To say the least, Devgan adds that “It is perfect as a mid-meal, 11 a.m. drink, before or after lunch.”

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Other reasons to have lassi in summer season

“Lassi contains calcium, protein, and multiple B vitamins including B12, which is difficult to find in vegetarian diets,” Devgan says, adding that lassi is extremely good for the gut.

During summer, the calming effect of lassi can also protect you from sun strokes. The healthy protein component in it improves bone mineral density and builds muscle mass.

So, go have that glass of lassi and besides drinking it the traditional way, you can get adventurous with it. You can try a buttermilk smoothie with a fruit or buttermilk dressing for the salads to get the maximum taste.

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