Krishna Shroff reveals the most important aspect of her fitness routine!

Fitness enthusiast Krishna Shroff advocates the importance of nutrition in fitness. Take a look at her diet plan!
importance of nutrition
Never take the importance of nutrition lightly. Image courtesy: Krishna Shroff | Instagram
Aayushi Gupta Published: 20 Mar 2022, 16:00 pm IST
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“It’s important to remember that without a proper nutrition plan to complement your training, all those hours spent at the gym go right to waste,” wrote Krishna Shroff in her recent Instagram post where she revealed her diet plan. This is not the first time when Krishna Shroff, sister of Tiger Shroff, has taken to Instagram to talk about fitness or wellness. A fitness freak, she often shares glimpses of her routine with her social media followers. But it’s not all about exercise!

Recently, in her post, she clarified that a nutrition plan is essential if you’re really concerned about your fitness routine. A proper diet plan helps your body to get all the important vitamins and minerals to maintain ideal health, and so we should all understand the importance of nutrition.

Take a look at Krishna Shroff’s Instagram post here:

Here’s a quick list of what Krishna Shroff eats:

1. Start your day with vitamin C

Drinking vitamin C hot water in the morning is the best way you can start your day. Krishna Shroff said, “I like to start my days off by drinking a glass of hot water with lemon because the vitamin C in it gives my immunity the kick start it needs.” Moreover, it helps to remove excess bloating and aid in your digestion.

2. Pre-workout meal

A pre-workout meal provides your body energy to perform a workout effectively. Krishna Shroff said, I then move on to my pre-workout meal which is almost always eggs on toast and a straight black coffee for that extra energy for the gym. Today I made some pasta with a little bit of cheddar and some celery sprinkled on top.”

3. Lunch

Krishna Shroff’s lunch or my post workout meal is different every day. However, for today, “I made sure to include some celery on top of my pasta in order to get those greens that are so vital for you every single day,” said Krishna Shroff.

importance of nutrition
Never skip your lunch! Image courtesy: Shuttersock

4. Evening snacks

Evening snacks help in sustaining energy until your dinner timing. Krishna Shroff’s evening snack consists of, you know, some kind of fruit, along with a little bit of dark chocolate.

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5. Dinner

Dinner almost always consists of some protein with a nice fibrous vegetable on the side to help aid in digestion throughout the night.

Krishna Shroff also shared some good sources of lean protein and fibrous veggies to include in your diet:

* Chicken
* Turkey
* Fish
* Eggs
* Leafy greens

Moreover, make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day in order to stay hydrated, energized, and keep your skin glowing, suggested Krishna Shroff.

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