Diet aids recovery from chronic illnesses, says Ayurveda expert

Ayurveda has solutions for a range of health issues, but you MUST support it with the right diet for recovery.
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Dr Mukesh Sharda Updated: 7 Feb 2022, 16:34 pm IST
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Today, people knowingly or unknowingly, have a lifestyle that is unhealthy and without understanding, it can even lead them towards serious lifetime health complications. The major reason that hampers healthy living is our diet. It’s a popular saying that the key to healthy and disease-free living is maintaining a good and healthy diet.

The fancy lifestyle of today has raised its bar for self inviting several health diseases. For the sake of modernization, everyone is declining their personal care and is ultimately compromising on their health. People often believe that if they get affected, they would easily be cured of the disease with regular medications from well-experienced and renowned doctors. But they have to accept that medicines alone cannot provide recovery from the disease. Rather, it is our diet and lifestyle that plays a role before.

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Importance of diet in treatment of chronic illnesses

Before consuming medicines, we need to change ourselves in terms of our diet. We need to pay attention to what we eat, when we eat, and how much we eat. It is believed in Ayurveda that along with the treatment, it is our diet that plays an important role to recover effectively from a disease. Ayurvedic medicines provide the best results, if followed with mandatory dietary changes.

Compromising on your health is not the option to choose. It is seen that due to polluted environmental conditions, people are getting more affected with respiratory diseases such as asthma, sinusitis, and bronchitis. The changing seasons are the most important trigger of the disease. The symptoms associated with such diseases are chest pain, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. Early treatment is essential to avoiding long-term health complications.

People remain in the belief that chronic diseases like asthma and bronchitis are non-reversible diseases. And they have to stick with the usage of inhalers and medicines for breathing for life. But the reality is far from it. The main problem here is that either the patient is misguided or is not well aware of their condition.

As a result, people lose hope to recover from the disease, and remain stuck to the modern methodology for treatment. Ayurvedic treatment has long been known to provide the results which can help a person to get rid of the alternatives for breathing.

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The last word

People making individual efforts can bring about a big difference in their lives. If a person wants to have a disease-free living, it is only possible with determination and by adopting a healthy lifestyle and diet. The personalized and root cause treatment can give the best results. One should follow a prescribed specialized diet chart, according to the disease, along with the Ayurvedic treatment for effective and long-term recovery.

By religiously following the guidelines recommended by the experts, one can get rid of inhalers and medicines for proper breathing. Herbal medicines, breathing exercises work best if you support them with aspects such as diet and lifestyle. So, don’t let the disease get more space into your body and get effective Ayurvedic treatment for healthy and disease-free living.

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