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I drank ghee coffee in the morning for a month and this is what happened to my body

The desi answer to the West’s obsession with bulletproof coffee, ghee coffee helped me lose weight and gave me an energy boost.
coffee and gut health
Most studies declines the possibility of coffee causing heartburn. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Sonakshi Kohli Published: 25 Jan 2020, 19:30 pm IST
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Have you ever felt like pelting a stone at your television after seeing something that you know is a plain lie? Well, I did. In fact, I still feel like it whenever an actress clad in her workout finery holds a bottle of honey and touts the lukewarm honey-lemon water as her sculpted-body’s secret.

Pardon me for the extremism, but after years of believing them and kickstarting my day as they dictated, I feel cheated and demand a return of my money—with interest. I mean, the same money with which I could have bought dozens of coffee jars and litres of ghee and who knows, could have even replaced those actresses in the ad by now with an equally sculpted bod?

I say this because after years of wasting my time and money, I finally found a new weight-loss elixir, which is actually quite effective thanks to Malaika Arora, who posted about it on social media.

If you haven’t guessed already, I am talking about ghee coffee
It began with the West getting bitten by the low-carb diet bug and turning to ‘bulletproof’ coffee for their morning kick. The high-fat caffeinated beverage made with brewed coffee, unsalted butter, and coconut oil soon became a hit and needless to say, we Indians came up with its desi dupe: ghee coffee.

ghee coffee
Why start your day with just coffee, when adding ghee to it can do your health a world of good? Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Coffee to taste, a teaspoon of ghee, hot water—all blended together to perfection and a cup of goodness is ready. Well, I tried it and have been following this morning ritual for a month now and here’s why I vouch for it:

Take this quiz: Can you guess all the benefits of eating ghee?

1. It helped me lose inches
Just like a diamond cuts a diamond, the good fat in ghee can cut stubborn fat stored in your body. Search the web and you’ll know I am not lying. In fact, several studies including the one conducted at the Indiana University School of Medicine, United States, found that including the right kind of fats in your diet can help you lose fat.

FYI, by “right kind of fats”, I mean saturated (present in dairy products including ghee), monounsaturated (present in foods like nuts and avocados, they protect the heart and are great for insulin sensitivity), and polyunsaturated fats (present in foods like fish and flaxseeds).

When you eat energy-packed carbohydrates, your body produces more of the energy-carrier—insulin hormone—in a bid to distribute the energy throughout the body. On the other hand, when you consume healthy fats, lesser amount of insulin is produced and your body attacks your fat reserves to produce energy.

Now, imagine having fat first thing in the morning, when there’s no other food to derive energy from. Your body gets into a fat-burning mode early in the morning and continues to do so throughout the day. What more do you want from life?

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2. It curbed my appetite
Science has stressed enough on how digestion of fat is a slow process. Add a proven-appetite suppressant, coffee to it and poof! Hunger pangs and unnecessary food cravings vanish. At least that’s what happened in my case. Not only did the size of my breakfast shrunk, I felt absolutely no need to indulge in snacks.

3. My gut felt better
If you think having coffee on an empty stomach can cause acidity, then you’ve got to know that ghee is just the right antidote for it. Acidity problems aside, the satiation ghee coffee brought with it automatically made me reduce my breakfast portion size. Not overloading my digestive system with a king-size morning meal made me feel light and good all day.

benefits of ghee
Adding ghee to coffee helps cut the acidity and helps you start the day with good fats. Image courtesy: Shutterstock.

4. I felt more energetic and active
I am sure my boss loves ghee coffee more than I do. Simply because I stopped feeling lethargic in the middle of the day and was able to concentrate on work better—thanks to my morning dose of ghee coffee.

5. My workouts became more productive
Surely, the caffeine from coffee gave me all the energy I needed for a high-intensity workout, but my range of motion and flexibility improved drastically as well. Call me crazy, but my dadi once told me how ghee is important for the lubrication of our joints and I think that’s exactly what worked here.

The final word…
Ladies, there’s no harm in trying and seeing how your body responds to ghee coffee. But here are two things to remember:

One, it may not suit you the way it suited me or could even make you feel acidic. So, watch out for your body’s reaction and don’t just keep sipping on it mindlessly.

Secondly, every 30 to 40 days, change your morning drink so that your body doesn’t get habitual to one drink and stops responding, okay?

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