How to score weight loss goals with a force-feeding mom

If you live in a household where the focus is on eating more, we understand your struggle to achieve weight loss goals.
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Your mom may force you to eat more, but help her understand your weight loss goals. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Geetika Sachdev Published: 5 Feb 2022, 20:42 pm IST
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Let’s not deny that all of us are big fans of maa ke haath ka khaana. After all, it comes with a generous helping of love. But what if your mom force-feeds you when you are trying to lose weight? Yes, it can be a real struggle, especially if all you are fed is parathas with heaps of butter, dal tadka, and lots of kheer. And even if the menu looks different, your mother will go to any extent to convince you that you will be devoid of energy if you don’t eat more!

So, what are you supposed to do? It’s a hard task to convince your mom, but you have to! Here’s what Avni Kaul, Nutritionist, Dietician and Wellness Coach,
Founder of Nutri Activania, has to say.

“If you are someone who wants to lose weight but your mother force-feeds, you should talk and convince her about your weight loss goals. Otherwise, you could also consult a general physician, get your medical tests done, and check if your weight has any negative impact on your body functionality or organs like fatty liver, higher cholesterol level, chances of getting diabetic, etc.”.

If your medical reports are normal and organ functioning is perfect at your current weight and if the doctor identifies no health risk, you should ideally reconsider your weight loss decision. “Otherwise, if the report says a different story, show it to your mother and she may encourage you to eat in a healthier way,” adds Kaul.

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Are you fed parathas meal after meal? Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Why does this problem arise?

In most cases, your mom may not be worried about you eating healthy. Instead, she may feel that in the pursuit of weight loss, you are going to starve yourself. That’s why the constant nagging of “Roti toh khaa lo!”.

We already know of many people who end up consuming calories as low as 500 to shed that flab. So, sit down with your mom and tell her that you are gravitating towards a healthier lifestyle, and not going for crash diets.

The other thing is you may think that the food cooked at home may be unhealthy for you. Not at all! You’ve been living on hamburgers and cola, so why are you making this an excuse? Yes, there’s no denying that maintaining a calorie deficit is essential. So that’s what you must focus on. Eat small portions and you will be good!

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There’s no substitute for exercise. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Weight loss ways

“If your family members are forcing you to eat more, you may keep your weight in check with daily exercising and maintaining a daily routine for going to bed and waking up on time, eating your meals on time, etc. That will help your body to maintain healthy metabolism and body weight in check,” says Kaul.

Some weight loss tips for you:

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1. Track calories
2. Use a food scale
3. Exercise portion control
4. Practice meal planning
5. Ditch the sides and condiments

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