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Love mangoes, but they cause pimples on your face? Here’s how to enjoy them

Enjoy gorging on the king of fruits but you keep getting pimples after eating mangoes? Here’s an easy trick to prevent them.
Ripe mangoes to make mango juice
Here’s how to prevent skin breakouts from mangoes. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Published: 14 Apr 2022, 13:25 pm IST
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Today, we are here to talk about the only worthy thing about the summer season — mangoes! The ripe, succulent, and delectable fruits are only available during this time of the year which makes it tolerable. Without making tall claims about the goodness of mangoes, let’s talk about the only downer of this flavorsome summer delight. It is the pesky pimples! Pimples after eating mangoes create a hindrance in our proclaimed mango love. Sigh!

What do we do then? Not eat them at all? Well, you may keep your melancholy for some other time because we’ve got a trick that will let you gorge on mangoes without the fear of pimples and acne popping on your face!

How to avoid getting pimples after eating mangoes?

All you need to do is follow the age-old technique of soaking them in the water first. Just the way our Indian parents enjoyed it outdoors in a mango orchard without a refrigerator! But what does soaking them in water do to prevent them from being the usual ‘pimple generator’?

Ayurveda coach Dimple Jangda shared a detailed video on mangoes, on her social media page. In her video, Jangda explains why mangoes tend to give you pimples, acidity and heartburn sometimes.

acne breakouts
Eat mangoes but do not pop the pimples! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Why do you get pimples after eating mangoes?

The pimple-causing properties of mangoes are to be blamed on the phytic acid present in it. The phytic acid in the mangoes generates heat in the body. Soaking them in water helps in leaching out the access of this phytic acid and making them less heat generating.

The white sappy fluid in the mangoes contains anti-nutrient phytic acid that disturbs the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Mangoes usually raise the temperature of the body, producing thermogenesis. Therefore, soaking them in water for half an hour reduces its thermogenic properties.

National mango day
If you get pimples after eating mangoes, soak them before eating them. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Soaking mangoes in water reduces the natural heat (taasir) and makes it safe for the body and skin.

Why do mangoes cause heartburn and acidity sometimes?

Jangda explains in her video that people with Pitta dosha are more prone to side effects of mangoes. As their body entraps heat already, mangoes cause that to build up even more. This results in health concerns like heartburn, acidity and indigestion in some. Therefore, she advises people with pitta dosha to restrict their intake of mangoes to just one fruit a day!

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A post shared by Dr Dimple, Ayurveda Coach (@drdimplejangda)

Here are three ways to gorge on mangoes minus the pimples, acidity and heartburn:

1. Remember to pre-soak them for 2 hours to prevent pimples after eating mangoes.
2. Also include a glass of vegan or dairy based milk in your diet when having mangoes to balance the body heat.
3. Avoid mixing ripe mangoes with yogurt as it increases body heat and can cause pitta imbalances.

Here is to a healthy summer with the king of all fruits, the mango!

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