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Hangry at work? 5 healthy snacks to munch in office

Feeling peckish all the time post returning to office? Here are some healthy snack ideas to watch your diet and weight too!
Healthy snack
Healthy snacks to munch on at work! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Dr Irfan Shaikh Updated: 23 Oct 2023, 13:54 pm IST
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With offices reopening, employees are now gradually getting back to a regular work routine. While some dread long commutes and traffic snarls, others are glad to return to physical offices and indulge in much-needed social interaction with colleagues over in-person meetings, team lunches, coffee breaks, and more! As we prepare for this phased return to pre-pandemic normalcy, nutrition plays a key role in getting our brain and body ready for the daily grind. If you’re someone who feels the need to keep eating something or the other at work, finding healthy snack ideas becomes a necessity.

Snacking throughout the day is one of the inevitable aspects of in-office work life. There is an urge to munch constantly especially when in the company of others or to relieve stress. Unchecked, unhealthy snacking can take a toll on overall health.

Having said that, if you are fond of snacking, you don’t need to forgo it. You just need to be smart about your food choices. But how does one find the perfect snack that is healthy but also tasty and can help satiate food cravings? What is the right combination of protein, fats, and carbohydrates to fuel one’s day? Read on to get started.

Here’s how to make health a priority by choosing healthy snack options:

One way of ensuring that you are on top of your diet plan is by indulging in healthy snack timely to fuel your body with energy and essential nutrients.

1. Steamed food

Opt for foods like a steamed sprouts salad topped generously with chopped cucumber, cottage cheese and tomatoes. You can also include boiled black chana or beans with a tablespoon of lemon juice.

2. Yogurt bowl

Another healthy snack you can prepare before going to work is a bowl of yogurt with raw vegetables. Add celery, carrots, broccoli, and tomatoes to make the dish delicious and rich in protein and calcium. This is an equally filling and healthy snack option.

yogurt for weight loss
Who needs the gym to lose weight when a bowl of yogurt can do the trick? Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Smoothies

Smoothies are another healthy option that will tingle your taste buds and are easy to make. Pick fresh fruits or vegetables, such as spinach, amla or cucumber, and add refreshing coconut water to the mix. Add five to six soaked almonds and one or two walnuts for extra protein, and you’re good to go.

4. Homemade healthy options

Other light snacks, such as oats, idli or homemade dhokla, ensure that you’ll stave off those hunger pangs.

jackfruit and diabetes
Filling idlis make for a healthy snack at work! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Sweet goodness

For the post-meal pick-me-up, choose desserts such as custard apple kheer with jaggery (gur) and coconut milk or ragi coconut laddu, which is all ragi flour, coconut, jaggery and crunchy peanuts.

Snack for the right reasons

Snacking is typically more due to habit or carvings rather than hunger. You snack when you are bored, angry, overjoyed or even surrounded by fun, social company.

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If you do not track your snack intake, it’s easy to go overboard. Sure, a bag of chips or a handful of namkeen can seem insignificant as a one off, but the impact on your health is huge if it becomes a regular feature. Strive to make healthier food choices and eat only when you are truly hungry.

sugar cravings
Use smart ways to avoid unhealthy cravings. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Switch to health snack options deliberately

Now that you have plenty of snacking options that won’t add too many carbohydrates and calories to your diet, you should be able to regulate your daily snack intake.

Here’s what to note when adding snack items to your meal plan:

  1. Control portion sizes to measure your snack intake.
  2. Plan at least two snacks each day to avoid impulsive snacking.
  3. Count the nutritional value of your snacks toward your overall diet plan.
  4. Keep fruits and nuts in your bag for healthy on-the-go snack options.
  5. Consult your doctor or dietician for snacking suggestions tailored to your condition.
  6. For a guilt-free way to power through your day, try munching on fresh fruits and vegetables, or even unflavoured popcorn.
  7. Additionally, one can even include a balanced nutrition supplement like Ensure to help increase muscle mass and energy, improve digestive health and boost immunity. For diabetic patients, a specific oral nutrition supplement like Ensure Diabetes Care between meals works well as it has a slow-release energy system to help manage blood glucose levels and support weight management.

Thoughtful snacking decisions at the workplace can make life healthy and happy. Having the right food available when hunger strikes means you’ll be more likely to make a healthy snacking decision, and this is sure to take you a long way!

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