Health Shots Tried and Tested: We paired keto cocktails with healthy nibbles that left us spellbound

If you are eyeing restaurants that serve healthy cocktails and bite-sized nibbles, we have got a perfect recommendation for you.
healthy food review
These skewers are as healthy as appetizing they look. Image courtesy: Irish House
Deeksha Sarin Updated: 31 Jan 2020, 12:15 pm IST
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Do you often head out for drinks with your favourite bunch of friends but end up sipping on sweet lime, just so you don’t get loaded with excess sugar and calories? If this sounds relatable to you, welcome to the league!

I have almost always been in quest of restaurants and cafes in my vicinity that might bring in some luck and start serving cocktails that are devoid of the excess calorie load—if not anything else.

Well, the odds were stacked in my favour. While exploring hustle bustle of the Nehru Place market, I came across an all-new healthy cocktail menu at the Irish House that claimed to serve grilled and baked options for clean eaters, diet-friendly food as well as cocktail options for keto/vegan/paleo lovers.

Just a mere mention of it certainly caught my fancy and I decided to give all of them a try. Here’s my pick:

Health bhi, taste bhi
For people like you and I, who are looking for cocktail options that are comparatively healthier than their otherwise calorie-laden counterparts, we are likely to find a plethora of options here.

With almost a super-growling stomach, I ordered a fair share of healthy nibbles, all of which looked quite appetizing. What caught my attention at first were the Cajun Sweet Potato Fries and Sweet Potato Nachos—both of which were a healthy substitute to those potato-based delights that spell only high carbs and calories.

Served with smoked barbeque, ranch and chili mayo dip—this dish turned out to be a perfect bite-sized nibble to pair with healthy cocktails like Dark Monk and Gooseberry Island.

healthy food reviews
The goodness of aloe vera makes this cocktail an absolute must-try. Image courtesy: Irish House

While the former comes with a touch of activated charcoal and rum, the latter is a gin-based drink that is prepared using fresh gooseberry and aloe vera juice. All you weight-watchers out there, all eyes on the second drink, please!

If you’re looking for something less conventional and quirky, Orchid Haze is the one to go for. Why, you ask? Well, the ingredients that go into it speak for themselves. A combo of egg white, lemongrass, beetroot juice, gin, and martini rosso—this cocktail is ‘high’ on health quotient and proudly comes under the category of keto cocktails.

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Non-veg lovers, don’t be disheartened. There’s a lot in store for you as well.

You can try your hands at Chill-Antro Fish Skewers, Juicy Lucy lamb Sliders, and Skewed Jamaican Chicken.

healthy food reviews
Lucy lamb sliders are perfect to tame your taste buds. Image courtesy: Irish House

While all three are dense in protein, when it comes to taste, fish skewers were hands down the best of the lot. Pair it with Fizzy Stalker—a cocktail that is tailor-made for all health fanatics. Fresh celery juice along with stevia and gin will give you that buzz without extra calories. Win win situation for you, right?

Final verdict
All in all…the dishes and cocktails get a thumbs up for the precision with which they are made and yes, of course the taste as well. While certainly the food here won’t help you shed those kilos, but the good part is that at least it won’t contribute in adding extra calorie load to your diet. Fair enough, right?

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