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From reducing cholesterol to sugar levels, Yam or Ratalu can do it all!

From their anti-inflammatory properties to cancer prevention, yams can do wonders to your health. You just need to nosh on them!
elephant foot yam
Be careful while you peel elephant foot yam. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Updated: 31 Jan 2022, 09:12 pm IST
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Winter is the time for yam! It’s the time to indulge in some yam sabzi, Undhiyo, yam chips, and curries. This vegetable, grown as a cash crop in India, is packed with nutrients. Eating yam benefits your health in innumerable ways.

But leaves aren’t the only part of the crop that is beneficial. Its roots are considered to be extremely beneficial. So much, that yam roots were used in the 18th century as folk medicine. Both yam and its root are considered an effective Ayurvedic medicine ingredient.

If you’re someone who names the pulses with their colour, you’re most likely to confuse yams with sweet potatoes! The two bear a close resemblance but the outside of yam is thick and very rough like a callous. However, the inside of yam can vary from orange, pink, purple, yellow to white. Commonly known as Ratalu, these fleshy veggies can be fried, smoked, baked, roasted, boiled, or barbecued. This one has such variety to offer!

Yam has a lot of nutrient density and is very healthy if consumed. Pranay Jain, a health expert and nutritionist, spoke to HealthShots to share his wisdom on the health benefits of yam roots.

Listed below are some health benefits of yam:

1. Treats joint pains

Yam roots are rich in diosgenin. They are touted as an anti-inflammatory ingredient too. Therefore, yam roots are a beneficial vegetable that helps treat joint pain and pain resulting from arthritis.

weight loss
Eating more yam means less stress on your joints. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Lowers cholesterol

A hike in cholesterol can lead to heart issues and even heart failure. But, eating yam roots can help aid the issue. These tubers are known for reducing bad cholesterol levels in the body.

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3. Delays ageing

The diosgenin in the yam roots encourages the growth of new skin cells making it a very efficient anti-aging agent. Eating a portion of this vegetable will help your skin look young while giving it a glow by slowing the process of aging.

You can achieve radiant skin and anti-aging properties by eating yam. mage courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Lowers sugar levels

Yam roots are also said to lower sugar levels in the blood. These qualities of this vegetable make it a perfect diet for diabetic patients who are struggling to keep their blood sugar in control.

5. Balances hormones

A daily dose of yam root in your diet can help regulate hormonal balance as well. If you’re struggling with hormonal problems, it is beneficial to indulge in this veggie.

6. Fights cancer

These beneficial vegetables also have the potential to fight carcinogens which are cancer-causing agents. Preliminary studies suggest that eating yam root can slow the progression of colon and breast cancer.

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