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Is curd safe in the monsoon season? A nutritionist reveals 7 myths and facts

It is an age-old belief that you should not have curd during the monsoon season, but is there any truth to the claim? Let’s find out!
curd for weight loss
Curd has many health benefits too! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Falak Hanif Published: 1 Jul 2022, 13:15 pm IST
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The monsoons are here and given the Covid-19 pandemic, we all have been trying to be a little more cautious towards our health. Moreover, we all keep hearing about the monsoon-related diet myths and some say that curd, a milk product obtained by fermentation of milk, should not be consumed during the monsoon season.

Why is curd avoided during monsoon?

It is often found in every Indian household, but it is often avoided by people because they believe it can cause cold and indigestion if it is eaten during a cold season. Since monsoon season comes with cravings for something tangy and spicy, most people tend to have crispy pakodas but avoid curd without checking the facts scientifically.

But don’t you worry, it is time to celebrate curd and bust some of the myths related to it:

Myth 1: Consuming curd can cause cold in monsoon season

Fact: It is absolutely fine to have curd at room temperature in your meals as its probiotic component helps in preventing gastrointestinal disorders irrespective of the season.

curd benefits
Curd is the best food to cool down! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Myth 2: Curd is difficult to digest in the monsoon season

Fact: The protein present in curd is more easily digestible than milk due to the number of live (good) bacteria present in it.

Myth 3: Curd should not be consumed at night

Fact: Consuming curd at night or before going to sleep is believed to be beneficial due to a component called tryptophan, which helps in regulating the sleep -wake cycle.

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Myth 4: Lactating mothers must avoid curd as it can cause cold to both the mother and baby

Fact: Curd contains active bacteria, which help in digestion. The probiotic components of yogurt or curd helps in relieving constipation, diarrhoea and does not cause cold or cough to either the mother or the baby.

Myth 5: Pregnant mothers must avoid curd in pregnancy

Fact: Pregnant mothers often face digestive problems. Hence, they must be encouraged to have curd in at least one of their meals in a day as its main bacterial component, lactobacillus acidophilus, is responsible for the digestion in the small intestine.

Myth 6: It’s better to avoid curd as it can make you fat

Fact: Toned and skimmed milk curd is also available in the market for the ones conscious or trying to watch their fat intake. Apart from fat, curd is also packed with calcium, vitamin D, potassium and protein, and helps in better calcium absorption.

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Curd for the win! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Myth 7: Kids shouldn’t be given curd in the monsoon

Fact: Curd is an excellent immunity builder and prevents inflammation. Hence, kids must be encouraged to eat curd and they can also add fruits and veggies to the same to make it tastier and nutrient dense.

So, eat curd every day without any hesitation irrespective of which season of the year it is. This immunity builder and probiotic will not let you down.

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About the Author

Falak Hanif is a practicing nutritionist associated with Cloudnine, Sahakarnagar branch. She is a certified maternal and child nutritionist who has completed her B.Sc and M.Sc in nutrition and dietetics. She has 3 years of experience, and specialises in prenatal nutrition, postnatal nutrition for lactating mothers and nutrition for toddlers. ...Read More

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