Green juice or protein smoothie: Is one better than another for weight loss?

We have heard the benefits of green juice and protein smoothie but it is important to know which of the two is more beneficial for you.
green juice and protein smoothie
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Aayushi Gupta Published: 15 May 2022, 12:00 pm IST
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Both juices and smoothies are a powerhouse of essential vitamins and minerals. And so, they work well to kickstart your day, especially when you don’t have enough time to eat breakfast. Also, summer is the perfect time to nosh on drinks. But because noshing on juices and smoothies is not considered a good idea when it comes to weight loss because of their high sugar content, let’s try drinking healthy versions. What can be better than green juice and protein smoothie?

If we talk about their taste, you can easily choose protein smoothies over green juices. But you cannot deny the health benefits that green juice has to offer. If you don’t mind the way they taste, you’ll never skip on green juices. By the way, with which do you start your day: protein packed smoothie or green juice? Have you ever thought that one might be better than the other?

green juice and protein smoothie
You won’t be able to ignore the benefits of green juice. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Health Shots got in touch with Hari Lakshmi, Consultant – Dietitian/Nutritionist, Motherhood Hospitals, Chennai, to understand the difference between green juice and protein smoothie.

Introduction to green juice and protein smoothie

Getting all the necessary nutrients is as important as working out regularly. Drinking green juice or protein smoothies can be an excellent addition to a healthy lifestyle. Green juice is basically the nutrient-filled liquid extracted from mainly from green vegetables and fruits. Usually the ingredients used are kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, parsley, mint etc.

On the other hand, “A protein smoothie is prepared by blending fruits, vegetables, and a specific liquid that can be water or milk into the mix. If you use water, you can add a protein powder into it to achieve the protein content,” says Lakshmi.

While both the beverages are healthy, most people can face a conflict between choosing a glass of green juice or protein smoothie to start their day. Let’s begin by understanding the benefits of both the drinks and then find out which one is healthier.

green juice and protein smoothie
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How is green juice beneficial?

There are numerous benefits of adding green juice to your daily diet. It is known to reduce overall inflammation in the body, which is the root cause of obesity, diabetes, and other heart conditions. Lakshmi says, “Green juice also helps to improve digestion and keeps your body hydrated. As the juice contains many nutrients, it strengthens the immune system and boosts red blood cell production. It also has excellent healing properties that can help you feel refreshed. Lastly, green juice is especially good for maintaining your glowing, acne-free skin.”

How is protein smoothie beneficial?

Protein is essential for our body. Drinking protein smoothies can promote muscle growth and help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism. It is especially beneficial for people who do heavy weightlifting as protein can help rebuild muscles after a workout session. “Smoothies also contain insoluble fibre, which is not there in juices, this helps in aiding digestion,” says Lakshmi.

green juice and protein smoothie
Blend ingredients from your kitchen for healthy smoothies. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Is one better than the other?

Lakshmi says, “Both the drinks are incredibly healthy. It is difficult to say which drink is better because it depends on your needs and lifestyle. If you are highly active, busy and do not have the time for breakfast, a protein smoothie might be the better choice for you.” Remember not to just rely on artificial protein powder. Instead, use ground flax seeds, chia seeds and almonds to get the required protein.

If you have the time to have a proper breakfast every day, then you can go ahead and pair it with a glass of green juice. Green juice is the better option for people with a sensitive gut as it is easily digestible.

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