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Is it healthy to eat fruits in the morning? Let’s find out

You must be fathoming having a plate full of colorful fruits as the most ideal breakfast option for you. However, it’s not the case with every person. It’s time that you hit pause to contemplate having fruits for breakfast or not. An expert tells why!
You can add the magic of fruits to your bhel! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Purvi Kalra Updated: 18 Oct 2023, 10:55 am IST
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Well, we have all heard people rave about the benefits of fruits, especially on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. They are good for digestion, skin, hair, metabolism, immunity, and the list goes on. However, what we tend to forget is that every person has a specific body type and metabolism, so for some people, fruits in the morning are a BIG NO. While for others, having fruits to go about with breakfast is highly reckoned.

Recently, Dr Dimple Jangda, an Ayurvedic gut health and beauty expert, took to her social media to share more insights into a commonly misunderstood lifestyle habit, “fruits for breakfast or not?”

Know your fruits

Every fruit has a variety of enzymes and acids that could react with bacteria in the gut and can either do good or bad, depending on the person’s symptoms. The expert urges all to have an understanding of the fruits you consume before you put them on your plate.

fruits for breakfast or not
It’s important that you know your fruits before putting them on your plate. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The expert’s caption reads, “All fruits contain active enzymes and fruit acids like citric acid, tartaric, fumaric, oxalic acid, and malic acid that reacts quickly with the lactic acid in dairy products and doesn’t mix well with vegetables, grains, and meat; creating undigested metabolic waste. These incompatible combinations can hinder the metabolism of tissue and inhibit the process of formation of tissue and have an opposite property to the tissue called ‘Viruddha Anna’ or incompatible diet.”

Who should avoid or take fruits in the morning?

People having the below-mentioned symptoms should either take fruits or keep away from fruits in the breakfast, as per the expert.

1. Avoid fruits

Avoid fruits in the morning on an empty stomach if you have symptoms like acidity, burning sensation, or Kapha-related symptoms like cold, cough, sinusitis, allergies, asthma, hay fever, lung congestion, bronchitis, diabetes and weight gain.

2. Have fruits

Have fruits if you have symptoms like constipation, dry rough skin, dry frizzy hair, weak digestion, and weak metabolism. Fruits enhance your gut bacteria and stimulate your digestive juices. In fact, you must have stewed fruits (stewed with water cinnamon, cloves, and pepper) to aid digestion and release constipation symptoms.

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3. Remember

Bear in mind to eat fruits alone or leave them alone! Fruits must not be mixed with vegetables, dairy, grains, and pules or meat as it can turn toxic. You have, however, mixed fruits with dry fruits as they come from the same family.

fruits for breakfast or not
Avoid having fruits in the morning if you show symptoms like acidity, and burning. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Advantages of having fruits in the morning

If you are someone who can have fruits for breakfast, here are some benefits they can reap.

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1. Best detox foods

Our body undergoes a process of detox from 7-11 a.m. Fruits will give an add-on to the energy to this process unlike the anti-detox foods containing a lot of fats.

2. Metabolism boost

Fruits are the most easily digestible foods of all. Having them first thing in the morning increases the metabolism rates for the coming hours owing to the influx of natural fruit sugars.

3. Wakes up your body

Your body is in dire need of natural fruit sugars right after you wake up. Try swapping your espresso shot with a plate of natural goodness by maybe diving into a smoothie that will keep your brain nimble and energised.

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