Acidity or constipation, try these home remedies over pills for everyday problems

You can always rely on some home remedies to treat your everyday health problems. But if these issues are chronic, please visit the doctor for consultation.
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Aayushi Gupta Updated: 30 Oct 2023, 13:22 pm IST

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Let’s face it, no matter what your lifestyle, active or not, we often face some common health problems every day. It could be a minor headache, cold and  cough, skin problems, or maybe indigestion. These health problems can be due to many reasons and most of us often resort to medicines to solve them. However, popping a pill every now and then is not good for your health.

When it comes to health, maintaining it the natural way is the most effective and safest way. So in order to take control of your health, you need some quick solutions for your daily life problems. HealthShots got in touch with Deepti Khatuja, head dietitian, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, to suggest some of these home remedies.

Nature has a solution for everything, says Khatuja.

Home remedies for common health issues:

1. Migraine

Do you often suffer from migraine? In some cases, it can also be resolved by treatment but in most cases, headaches and migraine can be managed with diet and lifestyle changes. Add green leafy vegetables like spinach, turnip greens, kale broccoli, and a good amount of magnesium. Apart from that, nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews, and seeds like pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, are helpful in controlling headaches.

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Along with that, keeping your hydration level up is also very important. So go for something like lemon water and coconut water. But avoid drinks like juice which are highly acidic in nature.

2. Constipation

If your stomach is sensitive and goes on trouble mode too often, you have to check out ways to manage it. Constipation and indigestion are very common issues that everyone faces. However, it can be treated with good intake of fibre which you can receive from fruits like guava, grains, millets like bajra, oats and multi-grains. Papaya is a good source of fine enzymes which help in digestion. You can also have curd which is a natural form of probiotic and which is really helpful in taking care of the healthy gut bacteria present in our stomach, taking care of the digestion.

3. Cold and cough

Down with cough and cold? The last thing on your mind may be eating, but in such a situation, it becomes imperative to eat proportional quantities of food to provide you with energy and nutrients, while you recover. Many foods such as tomatoes, yoghurt, and green vegetables will give you much-needed vitamins, minerals, and proteins essential for building immunity for a speedy recovery. However for instant relief, try healthy teas like turmeric tea and ginger tea and even hot soup can be good for controlling these cough, cold, and flu-like symptoms. And don’t give up on citrus fruits because they can boost your immunity.

4. Acidity and ulcer

From mindless snacking to overeating – there are many reasons that can give you acidity or ulcers. This can be managed with ginger that has anti-inflammatory properties and can be really helpful in resolving digestion issues. Oats are a good source of fibre that can help in taking care of your ulcers, as are green leafy vegetables along with vitamin C rich fruits. In case of acidity, try to avoid juices, fried and spicy foods. Instead, incorporate  egg whites, healthy nuts like walnuts, flax seeds, use olive oil, sesame oil for cooking.

5. Blood pressure

To manage your blood pressure, drinking pomegranate juice everyday is good for the heart. Along with that, eat a lot of fruit, veggies, and low-fat dairy items. Avoid junk, oily, processed, and canned foods. It will be essential for you to avoid eating pasta, pizza, burger, french fries, chips, namkeens, and other foods with artificial sweeteners. Keep a food diary and note down what you eat in order to know your eating habits, and improve them. Plus, reduce sodium intake and stay active.

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6. Acne and blackheads

Are acne and blackheads troubling you? First, stop popping them! Instead, take grated cucumber, apply it all over the face, eyes, and neck for 15 minutes. This is very beneficial for acne and blackheads. To avoid future acne and blackheads, follow a healthy diet which contains pumpkin seeds, nuts, green vegetables and whole wheat. They are a good sources of fibre and antioxidants which help in taking care of the skin. Also, vitamin E is very helpful for skin healing.

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7. Memory problems

Many people face issues with remembering things, dates, and events. To boost your brain health, healthy eating can help. Consume foods such as fatty fish, dark chocolate, bone broth, green leafy veggies, avocado coffee berries, egg yolks and nuts. These foods really keep your mind sharp and healthy.

So ladies, follow these remedies to at least feel a little better. But if it is chronic, don’t wait long to go and show the doctor.

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