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Dhania versus jeera water: Let’s find out which is better for weight loss

Dhania or jeera water: what will win the battle for the ultimate weight loss beverage? Let’s find out
dhania vs jeera
Keeping up with your weight loss game isn’t child’s play. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 18 Sep 2020, 12:08 pm IST
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If you’re someone who’s been drinking lemon water for weight loss, then it’s time to dig deeper in your kitchen. Indian kitchens are a treasure trove of spices, and offer a host of benefits. Now, both dhania and jeera seeds are claimed to help you lose that stubborn fat, but what’s the truth? We’re going to reveal it in no time. 

Before that, let’s try and understand the parameters essential for weight loss: 

1. You must have a good digestive system
2. Your cholesterol must be in check
3. You must have a good metabolism
4. Your blood sugar levels must be in control

If you ticked all these parameters, then nothing can stop you from shedding those unnecessary pounds! Now, it’s time to find out which water is better for each of the criteria: dhania or jeera water?

Dhania versus jeera water
All your bloating and digestion woes will slowly went away. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Both are good for digestion, but…
According to Dr Lovneet Batra, both these spices are known for their digestive properties but cumin water works better. She says, “Cumin’s alkaline action on our gut health helps in boosting fat loss and improves digestion. Although coriander also aids in digestion, but not the way cumin does.”

Dhania or coriander water helps to keep your cholesterol in check
“ Without a doubt, coriander wins hands down, since it controls cholesterol better than cumin. The active phenolic compounds in coriander seeds help in controlling glucose and bad cholesterol in your body. Moreover, it helps in the better absorption of fats and other nutrients, so that you don’t feel fatigued”, Dr Batra explained.

She adds, “People who are dealing with diabetes can also reap benefits, because it helps in insulin resistance.”

A common thread between dhania and jeera water
Both dhania and jeera water help to release toxins from your body, and if you have slow metabolism, then these two will help you in every way! Furthermore, they both contain high levels of antioxidants, and that’s sure to help with your immunity. 

And here’s the verdict…
“I would suggest don’t skip any of these two waters, instead drink both jeera and dhania water on alternate days, and achieve maximum weight loss and other health benefits too”, conclude Dr Batra.

Dhania versus jeera water
Keep sipping these two and cherish the weight loss. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

You don’t have to consume these two seeds, as it is. Prepare a kadha and then consume for better results. 

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The bottomline: don’t pick between the two, it’s all about more, the merrier when it comes to weight loss!

  • 86
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