3 reasons why you may crave salty foods

You may crave different tastes during different times and days. If you're craving salt, these may be the reasons why.
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Vanshika Sharma Updated: 23 Oct 2023, 12:35 pm IST
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Even if your refrigerator is stocked with healthy snacks, there are still times when we can’t help but crave a bag of potato chips or some French Fries. Whatever it may be, it better be salty! Why is it that sometimes we end up craving salt?

The flavour of salt is extremely addictive. Since salt is essential for survival, our bodies and minds are built to appreciate it. But sometimes, a craving for salt may indicate a medical issue rather than just the need for a mid-afternoon snack. Keep reading to learn more about why your body might be craving salt and how you can reduce your intake.

Weight loss coach Dr Snehal Adsule shared some reasons why you may be have a craving for salty foods.

Dr Adsule says, “Having snacks or ‘salt’ is not a bad thing but the problem arises when you become addicted to it. When you are not in control of your cravings, there can be multiple reasons for that.”

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You should be mindful of your salt intake. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Top 3 reasons you are craving salt:

1. Stress

Usually, when we are anxious, we begin to crave comfort food. Why? It’s because we want to feel better. And these comforting foods tend to contain a lot of salt and sugar. Therefore, the next time you’re eyeing a bag of chips, it would be wise to first assess your mood and then think of other stress-relieving activities such as contacting a friend, listening to music or playing your favourite game.

2. You’re starving yourself

The expert says, “When you just have salad for lunch, you’re setting yourself up for failure in the afternoon and evening. If you go too long without eating, your body will crave the fastest fuel. It can think of refined grains and simple sugars and salt. That’s how starving will lead to salty cravings.” So, eat the appropriate amount of meals for your body, and you won’t crave salty foods.

3. You crave what you already eat

Cravings for salt are related to habits. Your body is likely to have a greater desire for salt if you consume a high-sodium diet because that is what it is accustomed to receiving. Reduce your intake of processed and packaged foods to reduce your cravings for salty foods. Your body may become accustomed to consuming less salt as a result, decreasing your cravings.

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If you crave salty snacks, go for healthier varieties. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The expert says, “If you are already taking care of all these things and still crave salt, you might need to check physiological aspects related to it like a thyroid or kidney disorder, dehydration, pregnancy, PMS, poor sleep, electrolyte imbalance etc.”

Lastly, understand that indulging in these foods once in a while is completely fine. We all do that but salty food can be addictive. Realising that your body could be trying to tell you something might help you curb urges and adopt a more balanced diet.

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