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Boiled water vs filtered water: How to decide what’s better for you?

Boiled water and filtered water are the processes to clean the water. But what's a better option? Our expert is here to help.
boil water to make green tea
Make sure you boil the water well to make green tea! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Published: 19 Aug 2022, 09:08 am IST
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We are all aware of the need to get adequate water for optimum health. However, lukerwarm hot water is the way to go if you really want to amp up the health advantages of water. The most conventional method of water purification is boiling. Warm or hot water is said to eliminate bacteria that are present in the water, promoting improved digestion, shedding pounds, and improving nervous system health. Many people even begin their day with a glass of boiled water because of these advantages. Despite all of its benefits, some people prefer purified water over boiled water. Ever wondered why? Is there any difference between boiled water and filtered water? Let’s find out!

Health Shots got in touch with Hari Lakshmi, Consultant Dietician/Nutritionist, Motherhood Hospitals, Chennai, to find out if drinking boiled water is better or filtered water.

What’s better between boiled and purified water?

Water is essential for all life on earth, but as a result of several issues such as pollution, population growth, the loss of natural resources, etc., its quality is declining. This has made it challenging for many people to access clean water. Boiling tap water is a solution for these issues, but there are also a variety of water purifiers and filters you may use to clean the water. What is the best technique to guarantee the cleanliness of water is now the question, though.

boiled water and filtered water
Drinking hot water is also beneficial for weight loss. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Lakshmi says, “Even though it is well-known that boiling water lowers your risk of contracting water-borne illnesses including jaundice, typhoid, and diarrhoea, you should be aware of the benefits of drinking purified water. Why else could it be a better option?”

How good is boiled water for consumption?

One of the oldest ways of water purification is boiling water, which is frequently employed in many households to get drinking water. This tried-and-tested technique involves boiling the water at the right temperature to eliminate any bacteria that may be present water. But, Lakshmi says, “This process only kills microorganisms that cannot bear high temperatures and the water needs to be boiled for at least 20 minutes to ensure the water purity. If you boil your water any less than the given time duration, it will not be fit for drinking.” Additionally, boiling water does not remove dangerous contaminants like lead, arsenic, magnesium, and nitrates that might be present over time.

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Should you go for filtered water?

Comparatively speaking, filtered water is preferable than boiled water because it is more convenient and safer to drink. The filtering procedure does more than the boiling water process is intended to. Lakshmi says, “Water filters are good in removing impurities, harmful chemicals and microorganisms from the contaminated tap water making it pathogen free and ideal for drinking. It also reduces your dependency on bottled water.”

boiled water and filtered water
Water is your most basic elixir for life. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Additionally, filters give you access to softer water that is free from undesirable odour. Compared to boiling water, this technique enables you to enjoy all the health and convenience benefits of having clean drinking water.

So, if you were unable to choose between filtered water and boiled water, the choice is easier to make now.

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