5 best pea protein powders for a plant-powered protein boost

Protein is the key to all of these goals, whether you desire to develop lean muscle mass or lose weight. Then give these best pea protein powder brands in India a try.
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Shruti Bhattacharya Updated: 29 Feb 2024, 11:37 am IST
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Peas are a viable protein option if you’re a vegetarian, vegan, have dietary restrictions, or are allergic to certain foods. If you want to give your diet a major protein boost, pea protein powder is a fantastic choice. As a plant-derived source of protein, pea protein has additional health benefits beyond the advantages that protein delivers in terms of strength and muscle growth. If you have been looking for the best pea protein powder in India, we’ve got you covered.

What is pea protein powder?

Pea protein powder is a protein supplement derived from yellow peas. Pea protein is an excellent source of iron and a high-quality protein. It can support heart health, weight loss, and muscle building.

What are the benefits of pea protein powder?

  • Peas are legumes that are difficult to digest due to their high fiber and carbohydrate content. When processed, pea powder loses most of its fiber and starch. It gets easier to digest pea powder.
  • Peas have the ideal amino acids for muscle growth and repair. The muscle tissue is torn after the workout, and to mend these tears and add more muscle fibre on top, the body needs an instant supply of the proper amino acids. Pea protein is highly absorbable and digested, so you may take it right before or right after a workout to swiftly replenish your supply of amino acids.
  • Peas support both appetite control and weight loss. Without the harmful fats present in a lot of meat and animal proteins, this is a great low-calorie option to add to your supper. Plus, foods high in protein help you feel fuller for longer.
  • It has been demonstrated that the protein included in peas, particularly yellow peas, lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and keep kidney problems away.

5 best pea protein powders for athletes and health enthusiasts

Here’s a list of the best pea protein powders for all vegans and vegetarians that will help you lose weight in the most convenient way.

1. NUTROVA Pea Protein Powder

This vegan protein powder is simple to include in any food or beverage. Its flavour is naturally mild, which makes it perfect for giving a substantial protein boost to soups, dal, smoothies, chapatti, and juices. It is free of artificial sweeteners, flavours, additives, and added sugars. Pea protein isolate is a fantastic vegan protein source that is suitable for both men and women. It can be utilised for both muscle growth and recovery. It is beneficial for fat loss as it might make you feel fuller for longer. It can also aid in blood sugar regulation.

2. Nature’s Island Plant Protein Powder

Nature’s Island Pea Protein powder is pure and safe to include in your diet. It is a perfect option for you if you have a low appetite. Not only will it make you feel satiated, but also help you meet your daily protein requirements. Plus, it helps promote fitness, muscle building, boost recovery, and build strength.

3. MyFitFuel Plant Pea Protein Isolate

My Fit Fuel Plant Pea Protein Isolate is a vegan-friendly protein supplement. This product is an excellent source of glutamic acid, EAA, and BCAA. It promotes muscular growth and healing. Each scoop contains negligible amounts of fat and carbohydrates. Simple to digest, free of gluten, lactose, and soy, it claims to be an ultra-pure, lab-tested protein that’s perfect for people trying to lose weight.

4. Mypro Sport Nutrition Plant Protein Powder Pea

This plant-based protein powder is suitable for vegan, gluten-free, or ketogenic diets. Your protein shake will taste best with this natural vegan protein’s delicious chocolate flavour. Enhanced with digestive enzymes, devoid of dairy, soy, gluten, and numerous other common allergies.

5. Green Protein Pea Protein Isolate Powder

This pea protein powder from Green Protein encourages men and women to be physically active and eat healthy. It contains pea protein isolate, citric acid, beetroot powder, black salt, guar gum and surcralose. It promises to improve your skin and hair health. This protein powder .can also help improve your digestion, manage weight and delay ageing. The brand claims that this product is free from allergen, soy, gluten, added sugar and preservatives.

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