Best organic honey brands in India: 5 top picks for health benefits

From healing wounds to improving gut health, organic honey has several health benefits. Check out the best organic honey brands in India to add sweetness to your healthy diet.
best organic honey brands in India
Try the best organic honey brands in India for health benefits. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Tanya Shree Published: 10 Feb 2024, 03:00 pm IST
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Organic honey has been used for centuries as a natural remedy to improve overall health. It is loaded with amazing health and medical benefits. Unlike regular honey, raw honey doesn’t contain any synthetic chemicals, pesticides and antibiotics. It comes directly from honeycombs without any processing. In comparison to non-organic honey, organic honey brands produce superior-quality honey that contains higher quantities of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Adding to that, organic honey supports healthy extraction methods that prioritises health and well-being of the bees. We have carefully selected the best organic honey brands in India that you must try in place of the regular ones.

5 best organic honey brands in India

Choosing the right kind of honey is essential for your health as well as for the environment. So, check out this list of the best raw honey brands in India and enjoy their health benefits:

1. Indigenous Honey Nmr Tested Raw Ajwain Unprocessed Natural Pure Honey

The Indigenous Honey claims that its organic honey is packed with the goodness of certified organic wild honey, crystallised mustard honey and raw ajwain honey. This NMR tested honey is a good source of antioxidants that helps improve digestion, stomach ache and heal wounds. It contains phytonutrients that help soothe a sore throat. Regular consumption of honey can help manage weight, boost immunity, improve skin health, eyesight and reduce cough. This raw honey is enriched with essential minerals, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes which contribute to your health.

2. Nature Trust Raw Organic Forest Honey

If you are looking for organic honey to heal wounds or other health benefits, try this one from Nature Trust. It is infused with essential nutrients like amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals that are important for your health. The brand claims that the honey doesn’t contain any preservatives, artificial colours or added sugars. This lip-smacking sweetener is extracted using the conventional drop by drop process without losing its medicinal values and authenticity. Regular intake of this raw honey aids in weight management, digestion, energy boosting, glowing skin, cough and cold.

3. Wedderspoon 100 % Raw Pure Manuka Honey KFactor

Infused with raw manuka honey, this organic honey for cough by Wedderspoon is a must-have product. Besides soothing sore throat and irritation, it supports digestion, wound healing and boost energy. This honey is rich in nutrients and antibacterial properties that help strengthen your immune system. The brand claims that its honey is produced using a raw creaming process to maintain its natural enzymes. In addition, it is als free of antibiotics, glyphosate and pesticides.

4. Earthen Story Certified Organic Honey

The Earthen Story claims that its organic wild honey is sourced from the forest, which makes it raw and unadulterated. It is rich in amino acids, natural enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, which makes it a healthy replacement for white sugar. Infused with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it helps improve gut health and digestion. The presence of polyphenols in this honey helps protect the cells from oxidative stress thus reducing the risk of chronic diseases. This honey promises to support a healthy blood sugar level, helps in sound sleeping, treats acne and gives relief from cold and cough.

5. THE FOREST SHOP – Raw Organic Forest Honey

THE FOREST SHOP states that its raw organic honey is collected from the wild bees. This honey is rich in pollen count and has intense flavour. In addition, it is a rich nectar source which increases its medicinal values. The presence of phenolic acids, flavonoids, amino acids and proteins makes it a perfect immunity booster. So, add it in your healthy diet and enjoy the benefits of this high quality and unprocessed sweetener.

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What are the health benefits of organic honey?

  • Organic honey protects your body from oxidative stress, thus reducing the risk of chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes.
  • A spoonful of organic honey speeds fructose and glucose flow in the body, which leads to energy boost.
  • Its antibacterial properties help fight against infections, colds and coughs.
  • The presence of natural enzymes and prebiotics support the development of beneficial bacteria in the gut, which helps in proper digestion.
  • Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties promote wound healing by creating a protecting barrier over the wound.
  • Consuming organic honey before bedtime can trigger the release of tryptophan in the brain, which is converted into serotonin and melatonin. These two hormones are responsible for sleep quality.

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