5 best jaggery powders to sweeten your tea and desserts

Looking for an alternative to sugar to sweeten your tea and desserts? Try the best jaggery powders to enhance flavour and improve health.
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Jaggery powder can be a healthy addition to your diet. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Shruti Bhattacharya Updated: 27 Mar 2024, 06:55 pm IST
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Jaggery or gur is consumed as an after-meal dessert, added to sweet dishes, consumed with the winter wonder sarson ka saag, or even added to a cup of milk and tea. It becomes difficult to switch back to sugar or any other sweetener once you grow to love the flavour of jaggery. So, we rounded up a list of the best jaggery powders in India to help you add the natural sweetener to your diet.

What is jaggery powder?

The high sucrose content of sugarcane sap is used to make jaggery powder. It is a tasty sweetener that works well in many recipes in place of sugar. It can be kept in storage as blocks or powder that can be used with food in the future.

What are the health benefits of jaggery powder?

  • Rich in zinc and selenium, jaggery reduces the damage caused by free radicals and strengthens resistance to various diseases. It also aids in raising the blood’s overall haemoglobin count.
  • Jaggery is a natural cleanser that may aid in liver detoxification.
    All the medicinal qualities needed to treat lung infections, allergic asthma, and sore throats are present in organic jaggery powder.
  • Jaggery is also thought to be a cure for many respiratory issues in Ayurveda.
  • Blood cleansing can be achieved by consuming reasonable amounts of jaggery powder on a regular basis. It helps eliminate all of the poisons from your body and purges them.
  • It is recommended to eat jaggery after meals for improved digestion.Also read: Here’s how the sweetness of jaggery can treat your common cold

5 best jaggery powders in India

Whether it’s the best jaggery powder for tea or the best jaggery powders in general, here’s a list you may choose from:

1. NutriOrganics Jaggery Powder

The NutriOrganics Jaggery Powder can be a good substitute for refined sugar. This powder is a healthier form of sweetener. The brand states that the product is organic and free from any harmful chemicals. The product also claims that it doesn’t contain any artificial colour or sugar, which makes it a healthy and safe option.

2. Dhampure Speciality Jaggery Powder

This jaggery powder or natural desi gur powder is free from chemical fertilizers, preservatives and pesticides. It comes with no added sulphur and colour, and can be used in a variety of recipes. Besides its nutritional value, this jaggery powder is made in India by a farmer-led enterprise.

3. Vedaka Jaggery Powder

You can use this superior-quality jaggery powder in place of your regular supply of honey and sugar. It doesn’t contain any additional tastes or adulteration of any type. The shelf life of Vedaka jaggery powder is 12 months. It is convenient to use and store because it comes in a jar. Use this jaggery powder in your regular cooking or to make treats for your family.

4. Urban Platter Jaggery Powder

The Urban Platter Jaggery Powder contains trace minerals and vitamins, which makes it a healthier alternative sweetener. In comparison to refined sugar, this powder contains high nutritional values. So, add this jaggery powder to your tea or coffee and enjoy its nutritional benefits.

5. Sri Sri Tattva Organic Jaggery Powder

Sri Sri Tattva organic jaggery is high in nutrition since it is high in fibre and critical nutrients that are free of chemicals. It tastes amazing and contains all the ingredients needed for many Indian sweet recipes. Jaggery aids in digestion and has purifying properties for the body.

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