Best hot chocolate powders: 5 picks for a lip-smacking winter treat!

Hot chocolate has surprising health benefits that can help you become fit. Check out this list of the best hot chocolate powders.
best hot chocolate powders.
Use the best hot chocolate powders for nutritional benefits. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Tanya Shree Updated: 4 Mar 2024, 03:37 pm IST
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A cup of hot chocolate in the cold winter offers unmatched joy. Its soothing taste and comforting warmth are what make it a beloved drink in the chilly season. If you don’t go overboard on the sweet and the quantity, there are surprisingly multiple health benefits of hot chocolate. It helps to combat stress, enhance blood flow, and reduces the risk of chronic diseases! These give you more reasons to have a cuppa, isn’t it? So, we have curated a list of the best hot chocolate powders in India for you to enjoy a delicious beverage without compromising on your health!

5 best hot chocolate powders for health benefits

There are several benefits of hot chocolate powder that can make you appreciate this beverage even more. Incorporate some of the best hot chocolate powders in your diet to get enjoy some amazing health benefits:

1. County Bean hot chocolate powder

If you are looking for a hot chocolate powder with less sugar, then this one from County Bean might be the one for you. The brand claims that the powder is 100 percent vegetarian and gluten free. Additionally, it is made up of the highest quality cocoa beans from the hills of Kerala. Moreover, this chocolate powder does not contain caffeine, which makes it healthiest for you.

2. Lindt hot chocolate powder

Lindt hot chocolate powder is one of the best hot chocolate powders in the world! This chocolate powder is made with the finest cocoa beans, which means it has some great health benefits. This chocolate powder can improve your heart health and blood pressure, if consumed with care.

3. Tiggle jaggery dark hot chocolate powder

Tiggle jaggery dark hot chocolate powder is formulated with finest cocoa beans from the farms of Tamil Nadu. It is undoubtedly one of the best hot chocolate powders in India because it has surprising nutritional values. Infused with double roasted cocoa, this chocolate powder contains jaggery, which contributes to blood purification and improved metabolism. The brand claims that the product has gluten free flour, sea salt and a hint of cinnamon.

4. Bevzilla hot chocolate powder

Bevzilla hot chocolate powder is one of the best beverage options. Infused with organic date palm jaggery, the powder is rich in hazelnut flavour. Additionally, the brand claims that the product is 100 percent gluten free and it contains zero refined sugar. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best hot chocolate powders as it is safer and healthier to consume.

5. Auric ashwagandha Hot Chocolate

This Auric ashwagandha hot chocolate powder can be one of the best choices for diabetes patients because it is 100 percent sugar free. Enriched with the goodness of ashwagandha, this chocolate powder boosts immunity and provides relaxation. Additionally, the brand claims that the product is US FDA certified. This chocolate powder is 100 percent natural with no artificial flavour. Moreover, the brand claims that it is vegan, and gluten free.

What are the benefits of hot chocolate powder?

Indulging in a steaming cup of hot chocolate is delightful, However, you must understand the benefits of hot chocolate powder to enjoy a variety of nutritional advantages.

1. Antioxidant properties: Hot chocolate powder is made up of cocoa beans. And cocoa is rich in antioxidants, which helps fight stress and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.
2. Enhances mood: Chocolates contain serotonin precursors, which contributes to the release of ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters in the brain. Therefore, the best hot chocolate powders act as a natural mood enhancer.
3. Improves heart health: Cocoa contains flavanols, which improves heart health by supporting healthy blood circulation and reducing blood pressure. Regular consumption of hot chocolate powder can improve your cardiovascular system.
4. Improves cognitive function: Hot chocolate powders contribute to improving cognitive function because of the presence of flavonoids. It supports brain health and reduces the risk of cognitive decline.
5. Post-exercise recovery: Hot chocolate powders also help in post-exercise recovery. It maintains balance of carbohydrates and protein, which helps in muscle recovery.

But mind you, nothing in excess is ever good. The same holds true for hot chocolate!

How to choose the best hot chocolate powder?

Choosing the best hot chocolate powder is important to ensure that you get all the nutritional values. So, consider the following points before making your final purchasing decision:

  • Consider the cocoa content: pay attention to the cocoa content of the product as it greatly influences its flavour. High cocoa content provides intense chocolate flavour. But, if you want a mild flavour, opt for hot chocolate powder that contains cocoa content around 40-50 percent.
  • Pay attention to the sweetness level: While selecting hot chocolate powder, consider the sweetness level of the product. Make sure you choose the one that suits your taste bud and needs.
  • Nutritional profile: Besides yummy flavours, hot chocolate powders are rich in nutritional contents like antioxidants. So, make sure you buy the one that is rich in antioxidant properties as it may help fight stress and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.
  • Texture: Consider the thickness and creaminess of the powder. While some hot chocolate powders are made to easily dissolve in milk or water, others contain additional ingredients like cornstarch to enhance the creaminess.
  • Additional ingredients: Check the label of the product to see if it contains additional ingredients like vanilla etc. to enhance the flavour.
  • Sourcing: Consider choosing the hot chocolate powder that is sourced using the ethical and sustainable way. Look for products that have certifications to ensure that it is safe for you as well as the environment.
  • Reviews: Read online reviews and recommendations to collect valuable information about the product and make an informed decision.

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