Here is why Kareena Kapoor’s nutritionist wants you to drink sugarcane juice, thrice a week

Updated on: 29 January 2021, 14:10 pm IST

Rujuta Diwekar, Kareena Kapoor Khan's nutritionist, is going gaga over the benefits of sugarcane juice on Instagram. Here’s why you should too.

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Nutrition is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, and it has the biggest influence on just how fit we are. So when it comes to dietary advice, it’s always best to listen to a nutritionist. That’s why today we’ve got some amazing nutrition tips for you from Rujuta Diwekar, who is Kareena Kapoor’s dietician. 

You see, on her Instagram account Rutuja suggests plenty of advice and tips via her posts. And of the most recent ones includes drinking sugarcane juice before noon, at least thrice a week for great benefits. Wondering what ganne ka juice can do for your health? 

Well, sugarcane juice is a natural remedy for scores of problems. It is rich in antioxidants, iron, magnesium, calcium, and other electrolytes which help your body fight infection and boost immunity. Ayurveda also recommends sugarcane juice as a remedy for jaundice. 

Here are some other benefits of sugarcane juice, according to Rujuta Diwekar:

1. It’s a diuretic in nature

Sugarcane juice is acclaimed as an effective diuretic, meaning drinking this regularly can help prevent urinary tract infections. Moreover, it can help your kidneys function better and can be of great aid if you have kidney stones. It can also relieve bloating and tiredness.

2. It prevents acne

Acne is a common problem that affects most of us. Thankfully, sugarcane juice can help you combat that. This juice fights acne, prevents ageing, and reduces blemishes. Not only that, but it can also help you fight dandruff.

3. It’s a great remedy for jaundice

Sugarcane juice makes your liver strong. Since jaundice is a liver disease, ganne ka juice is often suggested as a remedy for jaundice. It improves digestion and liver functioning.

4. Sugarcane juice helps ease constipation

Ayurveda says that sugarcane juice is full of laxative properties, so drinking it  can relieve constipation. Sugarcane juice keeps the digestive system healthy and prevents stomach infection.

5. It’s a great remedy for period problems

Rujuta says that if the second day of your period is tougher than the first, then make sure you drink sugarcane juice regularly a week before your period to find some relief. 

Here’s how Rujuta Diwekar suggests you should drink sugarcane juice:

  • Have it freshly squeezed, preferably before noon
  • It’s in season now and will remain up until Holi, so you can have it at least thrice a week
  • Chew on sugarcane instead of drinking the juice for better oral health
  • If you are diabetic, then you can have half a glass of sugarcane juice
  • If you cannot source fresh sugarcane juice, then don’t opt for canned ones as they aren’t very fresh. 

Now that you know of the many benefits of sugarcane juice, don’t hesitate to gulp a glass or two. 

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