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That sweet, sweet corn on the cob just has empty calories to offer you

If you’ve been mindlessly noshing on sweet corn at those movie halls and theaters thinking that it’s healthy, your whole life was a lie.
desi bhutta versus American sweet corn
That sweet corn on the cob isn't as healthy as you thought! GIF courtesy: GIPHY
Payal Kothari Updated: 16 Jan 2020, 15:42 pm IST
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Gluten was the most spoken and debated topic in 2019. In my opinion, sweet corn or yellow corn is going to be next in line. The fear of getting bloated, leaky gut, brain fog and weight gain, all are attached to sweet corn as much as they were to wheat/gluten last year.

In the name of eating healthy and trying to make wiser choices in restaurants, cinemas and in salad bowls, sweet corn is a hit!

But did you know yellow corn or sweet corn is the most commonly genetically engineered foods, with about 90% of it being GMO (Genetically Modified Organism).

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The rest may be naturally produced, thanks to the cross pollination by winds, birds and bees. Gluten is not the only molecule that imitates or mimics our own body tissues, so does sweet corn.

The Indian white corn is not in demand anymore ever since the sweet American yellow corn has been dumped in the markets. Don’t mistake the sweet corn for the white Indian corn. That was not GMO.

Just because the sweet corn is sweet and easily available, it is mistaken to be as healthy as the white naturally-grown corn.

is sweet corn healthy
Eating sweet corn thinking that they are wholesome? Stop living in denial. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Its availability in public places like movie theaters, malls and salad joints has got everyone eating lots of it with lots of melted butter and chaat masala, causing weight gain, bloating and leaky guts.

Enjoying a small cup of sweet corn once in a while is fine, but frankly I recommend you to completely avoid it because you don’t know where it has come from and how it is being produced.

So those who are pushing gluten away and yet eating corn thinking that it’s healthy, the fact is that it’s not.

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What should you go for?

Opt for the white corn instead. It is natural and high in fibre than sugars. It is a cob with nutrients attached and definitely stands out to be as a healthier pick than those sweet yellow corns.

  • 52
About the Author

Payal Kothari is an integrative nutritionist and gut health coach who believes all fad diets fail, but when a holistic approach is taken a transformation lasts a lifetime. ...Read More

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