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Are reduced food cravings a positive or negative sign of your diet?

Food cravings are as natural a phenomenon as hunger. If your cravings have reduced, it's time to find out why!
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Curbing your cravings with junk food? Think again. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Team Health Shots Published: 18 Jun 2022, 23:47 pm IST
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Each time you feel like digging into a bowl of ice cream, bite into a delectable piece of pastry or eat up slices of pizza, we know where to put the blame! Food cravings, isn’t it? But what happens when you experience reduced cravings? Does it signal something good or bad about your diet?

That’s just what nutritionist Bhuvan Rastogi has delved into in his latest Instagram post. Decoding what reduced food cravings can mean at different times, the expert underlines the importance of assessing your cravings.

“Reduced cravings can mean a lot of things. It can mean that you are going through the right plan or that your diet is doing more harm than good. So, the question is: Is your diet helping you lose weight correctly,” he asks in the post.

What causes reduced food cravings

Your cravings can shift depending on what you’re feeding your body and when! So, first you have to understand why you may be feeling a sense of reduced cravings.

The expert presents three circumstances to assess reduced food cravings.

1. Your tummy is full

If you have had enough and wholesome food which keeps your stomach full for three to four hours, your reduced cravings are a sign of a good diet.

food cravings
Your cravings will reduce automatically if you’re full! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Increase in caffeine

Caffeine can play a role in cutting down your cravings. So if you are experiencing reduced cravings because you started having more caffeine, “This is bad!” asserts the nutritionist.

Explaining why, he adds, “Caffeine is an appetite suppressor – you are likely just under-eating, which is harmful in the long run.”

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Maintain safe consumption patterns when it comes to caffeine. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Starvation

In the pursuit of weight loss, a lot of people tend to consciously starve themselves for extended number of hours. Over a period of time, that automatically starts leading to reduced cravings.

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“This is the worst” scenario, adds Rastogi, explaining that while it can lead to quicker weight loss, extreme calorie deficit due to under-eating can cause detrimental effects on the body.

Under-eating can lead to:

* Muscle loss
* Reduced appetite
* Low energy
* Slower metabolism

Check out Bhuvan Rastogi’s post on reduced food cravings:

So, ladies, the takeaway here is to eat well and properly! And it’s no biggie to indulge in your whatever your heart desires by managing your food cravings once in a while.

  • 147
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