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7 foods and drinks to avoid in winter to keep your health intact

With the change in season, your diet should also be changed. Avoid these 7 winter foods to keep your immunity and overall health in check.
winter foods
Always try to indulge in healthy eating habits for the sake of your health. Image courtesy: Adobe stock
Preeti Gupta Published: 23 Dec 2022, 11:15 am IST
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Winter is here and with that, come some much-awaited delicious foods and cuisines. There are so many seasonal fruits and vegetables you can eat to keep your body healthy, but there are also some food items that should be avoided! Yes, it is best to keep your distance from certain foods to maintain a strong immune system and prevent allergies. So, try to give these winter foods a miss.

Winter foods to avoid

Here are 5 such foods that you should not eat during the cold weather otherwise they can take a toll on your immunity and overall health.

1. Desserts made of refined sugar

Thinking of eating that delicious dessert? Well, you got to think again! Winter and desserts made of refined sugar are not really a good combination to go for. Sugar can cause inflammation and reduce your immunity. To satisfy your sweet tooth, you can go for healthier options like seasonal fruits.

winter foods
Take a break from sugar when down with cough and cold. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

2. Fried foods

Pakodas, deep fried on the spot can be tempting! But you have to control yourself there, as it can create issues with your digestive system. Fried foods take longer to digest and are not very healthy. During winter, these food items can slow down your metabolism rate and make you feel extremely lazy also.

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3. Buttermilk

Even though buttermilk is healthy, during winter it is best to avoid this dairy product. Cold dairy products can increase mucus release, making you prone to seasonal cold and fever. But because you still need probiotics, curd can be a good option. Try to keep it out of the refrigerator before you consume it so that it’s not too cold. Also, ensure eating it before lunch preferably.

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4. Cold milk beverages

As delicious as cold milk products are, it is best to avoid them during winter. Milk-based beverages such as milkshakes or flavoured milk can give you a cold, and a sore throat leading to a severe cough. Instead, try having warm milk, either plain or sprinkled with turmeric to have an active immune system and healthy body throughout the season.

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5. Gur ki patti made of peanuts

Let’s be honest, gur ki patti made of peanuts is one of the most awaited sweets in winter! It is mouth-watering and extremely addictive. But, not to forget that it can become the major reason for gaining weight as it has a huge amount of sugar present in it. If you are someone who is looking forward to keeping your weight under control, we recommend you avoid or limit your sugar consumption.

winter foods
Eating gur is too good to be true but in moderation. Image courtesy: Shutterstock.

6. Cold drinks and fruit juices

Want to drink that pop soda? Well, you have to wait for a while! Sodas like cola or sprite can lower the body’s defense system as it takes a lot more energy for the body to bring the temperature of the cold drink down to the body temperature. This can weaken your body and make it prone to diseases. The same goes for fruit juices. Although they are healthy, they are not a good choice in the cold season especially if they’re cold.

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7. Preserved foods

Canned foods or pickles have extra salt and oil content to increase their durability. But the process of storing the food items can kill essential nutrients required for the body. It can also trigger allergies in some individuals. Why not instead opt for fresh seasonal food as it can keep the metabolic rate managed and help you prevent allergies or seasonal diseases!


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