7 hydrating drinks to stay cool and refreshed this summer

In addition to staying hydrated, it's important to regulate your body's temperature in summer. Try these cooling drinks to stay cool!
Healthy summer drinks
Watermelon juice can be a perfect hydrating summer for summer. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Aayushi Gupta Published: 18 Apr 2023, 16:46 pm IST
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It’s that time of the year when the sun shines bright, and the warmth can get truly uncomfortable! The hot wind, scorching sun and high temperature can take a toll on the body. Therefore, it is imperative that you manage the internal temperature of your body through what you consume. While usually a glass of chilled water would be enough to beat the heat, if you are looking at other hydrating drinks as options, we’re here to spoil you with choice!

Health Shots spoke to Pratiksha Kadam, Consultant, Dietitian, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Navi Mumbai, to find which drinks are best to keep the body cool and calm during summer.

Kadam says, “During the hot summer months, it’s important to stay hydrated and cool. One way to do this is by drinking a few cooling drinks or juices. These juices can be made without adding any sugar. You could try watermelon mint juice or litchi lemonade. Try some of the drinks suggested below to quench your thirst and stay hydrated and cool!”

Hydrating drinks to keep you cool in summer

Here are 7 cooling drinks that can keep you hydrated and refreshed!

1. Lemonade

Lemonade is a classic summer drink that not only cools you down but also helps prevent dehydration. Moreover, lemonade aids in digestion, help keep blood sugar in check and boost weight loss as well. You can even crush some mint leaves and add them to your lemonade for an extra refreshing flavour. Adding fresh mint leaves to your fruit and vegetable salad with some grated ginger and lemon zest can also help you stay cool and hydrated during the summer.

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Lemon juice is a good addition to your diet. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

2. Iced tea

While there are many ways to stay cool, iced tea may be the most enjoyable and delightful. Iced tea is a great option for staying cool and feeling fresh during the summer. It aids in lowering body temperature and enhancing blood circulation, which aids in restoring the internal balance. It is available in a number of flavours, including hibiscus, watermelon and basil, mint, lemonade, pomegranate and lime iced tea.

3. Sugarcane juice

In India, sugarcane juice is a widely consumed beverage that can instantly re-energize you. It is abundant in antioxidants, iron, magnesium, calcium, and other minerals that support immunity and help your body fight off disease. It is even recommended by Ayurveda as a treatment for jaundice. However, it’s crucial to refrain from consuming fruit juices if you have diabetes.

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Sugarcane juice is both healthy and hydrating. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Papaya juice

Next on the list is papaya juice. Due to their high fiber content and papain-producing enzyme, papayas are excellent for digestion and weight loss. It also soothes sunburns, lessens tans, and lowers blood pressure, making it a fantastic drink to beat the summer heat. You can even make papaya honey juice for a sweet and healthy treat.

5. Basil seed drink

Another way to beat the heat is by preparing a drink that contains basil seeds also known as sabja seeds, which are known to reduce body heat. To prepare these drinks, you can soak the basil seeds in lukewarm water at a ratio of half a cup of water to 2 teaspoons of basil seeds. Refrigerate it and drink it!

6. Seasonal fruit juices

If you’re looking for something different, try making homemade seasonal fruit drinks. You can try black grape juice, amla juice rich in vitamin C, pomegranate juice, and orange juice. All of these juices are refreshing and perfect for beating the heat. In fact, they are all rich in a number of vital vitamins and minerals that help support your immune system.

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cooling drinks
These fruit juices are best to stay hydrated. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

7. Thandai

Everyone enjoys this traditional Indian beverage. It has numerous health advantages in addition to being delicious. It has cooling qualities that make it the perfect summer beverage, and it also has digestive benefits. If you’re someone who suffers from indigestion on summer days, should try this drink.

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