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7 wonderful things that happen to your body when you opt for a low-carb diet

Living a low-carb lifestyle is healthy and super easy.
low carb diet
It’s time to ditch those carbs. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 31 Aug 2020, 02:46 pm IST
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There are very few things that stand true to the hype around them. ‘Low-carb diet’ has become such a buzzword when it comes to a healthy lifestyle but there’s a strong reason behind the popularity it supports.

Well, if you look at all the benefits, we think it’s a great decision to make since it will impact your overall health. If you talk about diets, keto and Atkins are the flag bearers of the low-carb universe. The basic structure of both diets includes fat, protein, and fibre. 

The biggest reason for the popularity of the low-carb diet is weight loss. But, a low-carb diet isn’t just restricted to that. In fact, the kind of benefits it has in store for you will make you switch to it right away.

Here are 7 of the most powerful benefits of eating a low-carb diet:

1. It drops the level of triglycerides, keeping your heart healthy
Triglycerides can contribute to cardiovascular problems. They are basically small fat molecules that flow through the bloodstream. A higher level could lead to accumulation in the veins, restricting the blood flow towards your heart which could increase the risk of a cardiac arrest.

Complex carbs lead to an increase in triglycerides, especially fructose. There is evidence that a low-carb diet can tame the production of these fat molecules and protect your heart.

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2. A low-carb diet means less sugar running through your veins
Carbohydrates, after breaking down in your body, turn into sugar. Hence, a higher intake of carbohydrates will lead to a higher sugar level. This also means fluctuation in the level of insulin production. But, if you opt for a low-carb diet, there is almost a 50% chance that you reduce the risk of diabetes.

low-carb diet
Gaining weight might have consequences for your health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Low carb diet keeps your metabolism in control
Having a good metabolism doesn’t just help in weight reduction but it also keeps your overall well-being in check. Your digestion, blood pressure, sugar level, and absorption of cholesterol depend on the kind of metabolism you have. A high-carb diet can be the biggest enemy to your metabolism. That’s why we would suggest opting for a low-carb diet since it will help you stay away from various ailments.

4. Low-carb diet protects your brain
Yes, we all need carbs to keep our brain happy. But, a low carb diet can do the same. Your brain fires up the ketones that are in there when you starve or go on a low-carb diet. From years, this has been used as a way to treat epilepsy which is a neurological disorder.

According to a study published on PubMed Central, a low-carb diet like keto has shown amazing results in boosting memory. People who might be at risk of developing Alzheimer’s or stroke can also benefit from it.

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5. Low-carb diet doesn’t let you bloat
There are people who think that drinking more water can cause bloating. Sorry, friends, but that is a myth. We would suggest you go on a low-carb diet to avoid bloating. Eating too many carbohydrates is the only reason you experience bloating because it can cause water retention in your body.

6. You feel more energetic
Breaking down carbs is a long process. It takes time to convert it into energy. A low-carb diet, on the other hand, will make you feel more energetic.

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7. Your work out sessions are more impactful if you are low on carbs
Who says that only carbs can be the fuel for your workout sessions? Well, it’s just bogus because healthy fats can do the same. In fact, fats or low-carb food burns faster, providing your more energy and even making way for more weight loss.

We don’t think we need to say more. So, are you ready to switch your diet?

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