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6 lesser-known benefits of becoming a vegan

If you don’t know the benefits of vegan diet, you’re missing out on a lot. Here are some lesser known benefits of becoming a vegan.
vegan diet
These benefits of vegan diet are worth switching for! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Vipen Jain Published: 17 Jun 2022, 20:58 pm IST
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Veganism is a way of living life. It is widely connected to food and its consumption, but it does not limit itself to that. Veganism is all about not consuming or contributing to anything that leads to cruelty to animals or damages the environment. Vegans avoid products and by-products that directly come from animals such as dairy, honey, leather, pearl. They also keep away from using lifestyle products that are directly tested on animals or contain traces of animal sources. They try to use natural and biodegradable products and also avoid littering the environment. Hence, it contributes to keeping the environment clean and safe. Not only this, there are several benefits of vegan diet.

Listed below are 6 lesser-known benefits of vegan diet:

1. Rich in protein

The common misinformation that people readily get nowadays is that humans receive protein only from animal products and by-products. This is actually false. There are plenty of plant-based sources from which you can extract a standard quality of protein such as broccoli, soya, nuts, seeds, lentils, peas, spinach, beans, brown rice, and whole wheat bread that are low in calories as compared to animal protein. Incidentally, the animals are fed on the above plant-based protein diet. So basically, you’re consuming the same plant-based protein but through dead tissues produced from animals.

alkaline food
Broccoli and green veggies are evergreen superfoods and contain all benefits of vegan diet! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Contains essential nutrients

Vegan diet contains all the necessary nutrients required for optimal health taken from a range of vegan sources such as fruits, vegetables, pulses, seeds, and veg fortified foods: just like non-vegan diets. It’s not always important for a vegan to consider supplements for the daily requirement of nutrients. With a good understanding and planning of what makes up a healthy and balanced vegan diet, you can get all the nutrients from whole food that your body needs to be healthy and fit without the need for any supplement.

3. Boosts mental health

Going vegan is not always associated with weight loss but it’s an excellent path to boost mental health. Consuming fermented food and green leafy vegetables may lower the level of cortisol (a stress hormone) in the blood because abnormal levels of this hormone in the body can trigger stress, anxiety, and depression. The more cortisol you have in the body, the more at risk you are to various mental health conditions.

Being vegan makes you happier! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Busts period pain

About 80 percent of women worldwide experience period pain in which ten percent of these women experience severe period pain. Studies show that veganism may decrease the inflammation in women’s bodies as it contains healthy levels of antioxidants and plant chemicals. As a result, the body’s susceptibility to pain lowers, and you can continue to function optimally even during periods.

5. Improves sleep quality

For attaining optimal health, getting, at least, eight hours of sleep every night is crucially important. Sleep enables your mind and body to recharge and refresh the next day. Conversely, not getting enough sleep can lead to several health concerns, to be precise weight gain and hormonal issues. Going vegan improves the quality of sleep because a plant-based diet increases serotonin and melatonin levels which causes a relaxing sleep.

6. Improves body odour

Have you ever wondered about body odour and how it attracts people? Aside from the appearance, how you smell can always leave a first impression. Over time, naturally having a foul odour can adversely affect your self-esteem. But, there’s always a solution to it. You may always smell better by adapting to a vegan lifestyle. Research suggests that removing any type of meat from your diet may improve body odour, especially in your armpits.

benefits of vegan diet
This will make body odour go away. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Considerably, vegan diets are far healthier than other diets. By adapting veganism, you take proper care of your body in other ways of eating by putting essential nutrients extracted from vegan sources such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and seeds in your body. So, your body will take care of you. Vegan diets have numerous advantages such as lower rates of heart disease, obesity and reduced risk of colorectal and prostate cancer over others as they are far more likely to reach the recommended portions of fruit, vegetables and seeds per day.

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