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5 things to avoid in summer to maintain hormonal balance

Watch out, there are certain ingredients that trigger hormonal imbalance in summer. Keep away from them if you wish to stay healthy!
Avoid excess sweets to maintain hormonal balance in summer
Avoid excess sweets to maintain hormonal balance in summer. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Purvi Kalra Published: 27 Apr 2023, 12:00 pm IST
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With our increasingly stressful lifestyles, little do we realise that apart from a bad routine and stress, our eating habits also cause hormonal imbalances in our bodies. A healthy hormonal balance is important to maintain healthy functioning of the body as they also function as chemical messengers in our body.

Major imbalances of hormones can give birth to issues like PCOS, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, to name a few. Our eating habits can have a detrimental impact on our body leading to a range of symptoms like unwanted weight gain, skin problems, or even mood swings. Certain foods can trigger imbalances and can worsen our hormonal condition.

Health Shots got in touch with a certified nutrition coach Tanisha Bawa to understand ingredients that trigger hormonal imbalances in summer.

Foods to avoid to maintain hormonal balance in summer

Typically during summer, which is everyone’s favourite vacation time, we tend to lose sight of our food intake in the rhythm of indulging in our favourite/exotic foods. The least we can do, at this moment, is to avoid excessive damage by avoiding the below-mentioned foods as per the expert.

ingredients that trigger hormonal imbalance in summers
Soya chunks are sure yummy but are they as healthy for your hormones? Image courtesy: Shutterstock

1. Soy

“Soy has a predominant bioactive substance called phytoestrogen which functions similar to estrogen in our body. Due to this, your ovulation cycle can get hampered which can further wreak havoc on your reproductive health,” says the expert. Soy products that include tofu, soy milk and soy sauce are commonly termed as healthy. However, they can worsen hormonal imbalance in your body.

2. Dairy

“Dairy products are known to cause hormonal imbalance. Milk and its products lead to inflammation in the digestive tract and mess up with the hormones. Excessive consumption of milk can raise triglyceride levels and can also be a leading factor in the development of diabetes. So, it is better to get off all dairy products from your kitchen shelves if you are battling hormonal issues,” suggests the expert.

3. Refined grains

As per Tanisha Bawa, it is recommended to eradicate refined grains in your diet as they can cause a rise in blood glucose levels, causing more insulin production, and eventually insulin resistance.

ingredients that trigger hormonal imbalance in summer
Fight your sugar cravings as these are not healthy for your hormones!

4. Sugar or any artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners can cause mess with your hormonal balance as they impact the bacteria inside your gut and raise your appetite. Sugar can also cause an imbalance of hormones. You should keep away from eating excessive sugary foods such as cookies, cake, doughnuts, chocolates, etc. Instead, you can opt for healthier substitutes like jaggery.

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5. Caffeine

High consumption of caffeine products such as coffee, alcohol and tea can disrupt your sleep cycle and can cause hormonal imbalance as well. Summers call for cold coffees coupled with ice creams. Increased consumption of caffeine spruces cortisol levels in your body. Cortisol, a stress hormone, makes your body shift into a high-alert state. Thus, it is best to keep away from caffeine if your hormones aren’t balanced.

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The bottom line

You still have an array of food categories to count on if you decide to keep away from the aforementioned ingredients. You are the food you eat, so your health is in your hands if you choose to eat healthy to stay healthy.

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