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5 foods you should never eat with Jamun

Benefits of Jamun can be written in a never ending list, but eating them in the wrong way can weigh heavily on your health.
benefits of jamun
Abide by these rules when eating jamun this season. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Team Health Shots Updated: 24 Jun 2022, 17:10 pm IST
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People are eagerly waiting for Jamun, the best delight of the rainy season. Jamun, also known as Java Plum, is not just brimming with nutrients but is the favorite fruit of children. Well, our childhood memories of eating Jamun are admiring our purple-dyed tongues after noshing on them. This fruit is flavourful and nourishing, so much so that the benefits of Jamun make it a superfood. But my mother always lists her peculiar set of instructions whenever we gorge on Jamun. This has always made me wonder if those rules really matter when eating Jamun or they’re just another midwife’s tale.

Before we get down to the correct way of eating it, here are some superb benefits of jamun:

  1. Jamun is effective in increasing hemoglobin making it a perfect fruit for women and those suffering with anemia.
  2. Jamun can keep your heart healthy and strong.
  3. Eating them can aid digestion and relieve constipation.
  4. Jamun are also known to help with weight loss.
  5. Due to its superb antioxidant content, jamun is great for skin too.

These vibrant purple berries are a treasure trove of nutrients but sometimes due to lack of information, this fruit can negatively affect your health. Therefore, we must know the right way and the right time to eat it.

If you love eating jamun as much as we do, following things need your special attention:

1. Never drink water after eating jamun

My mother has always asked us to delay drinking water after eating jamun. Drinking water immediately after eating jamun is like inviting many health risks. Problems like diarrhea and indigestion may arise if one tops up jamun with water. It is advisable to quench your thirst only after 30 to 40 minutes after eating them.

health benefits of jamun
Try good-old jamun for better health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Do not eat Jamun on an empty stomach

Eating Jamun on an empty stomach can be injurious to health. On the other hand, jamun is sour in taste, so eating jamun first thing in the morning can cause problems like acidity, stomach pain and irritation. Jamun also aids in digestion, so it is better to consume them only after eating food.

3. Avoid turmeric

Poonam Duneja, director of Nutrify by Poonam Diet and Wellness Clinic and Academy, advises strongly against eating anything with turmeric in it right after consuming jamun. Jamun and turmeric don’t go well and can react with the body and cause irritation in your stomach. Therefore, it is advisable to consume any food with turmeric in it at least 30 minutes after eating jamun.

4. Say no to milk

Drinking milk or eating dairy products right after eating jamun is a big No. Duneja says, “Drinking milk immediately after eating jamun can lead to a possibility of digestive issues like gas, indigestion and stomach pain.

harmful milk combination
To reap benefits of jamun, you should never drink milk right after eating them. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Keep the pickle away

Most people like to nibble on pickles with their food. But that’s not the case with jamun. Pickles can also react badly with jamun and cause stomach related problems.

What’s the right time to eat jamun to reap its complete benefits?

If we talk about the right time to eat jamun, you may eat it anytime during the day but not on an empty stomach. The preferable time to nosh on jamun is after meals. It will help speed up your metabolism and aid in easy digestion of food too. Do not forget to save jamun seeds and powder them as they are a powerful remedy for diabetes.

  • 197
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