Love to bake? Switch to healthier baking with these tips

If you love to bake, these healthy baking tips will take care of your concerns about weight gain and unhealthy ingredients.
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Purvi Kalra Updated: 4 Sep 2022, 17:33 pm IST
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We all have some go-to stress-busting activity. For some, it’s yoga or a barefoot stroll in the garden, or maybe diving deep into a book. However, for some, baking is a therapeutic activity that gives feel-good vibes. The entire process of mixing the ingredients, making the batter, and filling the moulds is meditation in disguise. The aroma of a freshly prepared dessert feels like magic. However, usually, when one talks about baking items, sugar and unhealthy calories often come to your mind. If you are a cake or pastry lover, equally concerned about your health, and love to bake and prepare desserts, here are some healthy baking tips!

You can turn any of your favourite desserts into healthier options with these easy tips that ramp up the nutrition while keeping the same great taste. Health Shots reached out to nutrition expert Avni Kaul.

Healthy baking tips for every sweet lover

The baking-lover inside you can indulge in all those decadent dishes totally guilt-free with these easy tips!

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1. Take out refined sweets for fruit

Fruits in desserts are always delectable. Dietitian Avni Kaul suggests trying to swap out up to half of the refined sugar in your recipe for fruit. Fruits have natural sugars that are good for adding sweetness to baked goods, besides giving a boost of fiber and nutrients such as vitamin C. Some of the favorite fruits to use in baking are apples and bananas.

2. Replace the sugar

Replace your sugar in the recipe with apple sauce, shredded apple (keep the peel on for the most nutrition), or mashed banana having a 1:1 ratio.

3. Use Greek yogurt instead of butter or oil

No one is alien to the health benefits of Greek yogurt. Pleasing in taste and boosting several health benefits, it is a no-brainer addition to your regular ingredients. So, choose Greek yogurt instead of butter or oil as it is healthier and a high-protein option. Besides, it is a very good source of Vitamin D as well. You can also go for a plain unsweetened version of yogurt for a lower sugar option.

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4. Use whole wheat instead of white flour

You can always swap white flour with whole wheat. This is one of the most commonly used baking hacks. Having whole wheat flour in your dessert lends more nutrients such as fiber, vitamin B, potassium, and iron. Try replacing up to half of the white flour in the recipe for whole wheat flour to maintain the same great taste and texture.

5. Go for dark chocolate

Desserts feel incomplete without some chocolate. Chocolate lovers will invariably agree. The expert says that if your recipe demands chocolate, go for a dark one compared to the milk-based. Not only it will lend that extra flavor but also has less sugar content. For healthier options, look for a minimum of 70 percent cocoa solids. Dark chocolates also have flavonoids that are a kind of antioxidant.

So, now that you know these healthy baking tips, you can anytime hit the kitchen and pamper yourself with healthy aromatic treats.


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