5 fab foods to beat post-Covid fatigue

Many people complain of fatigue even after testing negative for Covid-19. Get your energy levels back with these foods!
post covid fatigue
Experiencing fatigue after recovering from Covid-19? Add these foods to your diet. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Grace Bains Published: 20 Aug 2021, 17:00 pm IST
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Many of you, who have battled Covid-19, are aware of the various precautions that need to be taken after battling this dreadful viral infection. One such precaution is to monitor and manage your energy levels. Research by the University of Michigan reveals that several patients who have recovered from Covid-19 have complained of fatigue, which is manifested as bodily pain, altered sleeping patterns, stress, muscle soreness, cold sweats and breathlessness.

This infection takes a toll on your entire body, causing burnout and lethargy. As per National Health Service UK, “there are many reasons why people feel fatigued after a Covid-19 infection, and continuing response to the Covid-19 virus even though the infection has got better, is one of them”. Fatigue, post Covid-19, is a real health problem and should be managed swiftly and appropriately.

post covid fatigue
You may experience fatigue even after recovering from Covid-19. Image courtesy: Shuttertsock
Here are five foods that can help you fight fatigue post Covid-19

While consulting a doctor is the practical way to manage dipping energy levels, consuming these foods will help you beat lethargy and improve overall health:

1. Spinach

Low on calories and high on nutrition, spinach will give your energy levels a boost due to its high iron and vitamin C content. This leafy vegetable contains antioxidants that improve overall health by decreasing inflammation and increasing immunity levels. Spinach can be easily incorporated in your diet, be it in the form of soup or as palak paneer!

2. Legumes

Legumes such as beans, lentils, chickpeas and soybeans, are staples in the Indian diet. They contain high quantities of iron, are a good source of folate, magnesium, and can help fight fatigue. Legumes can be instrumental in reducing blood levels as well. Legumes can be cooked as soup, rolled in with flour to make parathas, or boiled and seasoned with spices, tomato and onion, to be consumed as a light salad.

3. Seeds

Seeds such as flax, pumpkin and chia, can help during post Covid-19 recovery. They are an excellent source of magnesium, iron, fibre and omega-3 fatty acids, which can help protect your cells from harmful free radicals produced during metabolic processes. Consuming seeds can not just help boost immunity levels, but also ward off lethargy, as they digest slowly in the body and provide bursts of energy throughout the day. Seeds can be consumed as is, with your favourite drinks, protein shake, or even used while cooking vegetables.

post covid fatigue
Seeds can help you recover from fatigue post-Covid. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Broccoli

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Broccoli’s credentials as a power food need no introduction. This wondrous vegetable is rich in iron, vitamin C, fibre, protein, calcium, selenium and magnesium. Therefore, be it fighting anaemia, building muscles, improving energy levels, or strengthening bones, broccoli is the undisputed wholesome goodness champion. Broccoli can be consumed in grilled form, as a soup, or even cooked as a savoury dish.

5. Eggs

Eggs are a rich source of proteins and contain essential nutrients and minerals such as vitamin D, folate, amino acids, vitamin B12 and iron. For people facing fatigue issues post Covid-19, eggs can help enhance muscular and bone strength, and boost energy levels. You can have eggs in many variants, from boiled to curry.

So, if you are facing fatigue post Covid-19, try incorporating these foods in your diet to boost your energy levels!

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