Best honey brands: 5 top picks to add sweetness to your life

From suppressing cough to boosting gut health, there are many health benefits of honey. Check out the best honey brands in India to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Best honey brands in India
Choose from the best honey brands in India. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Shruti Bhattacharya Updated: 7 May 2024, 19:39 pm IST
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Honey has been used for thousands of years for several purposes – be it as a natural sweetener, for direct consumption or even as a medicinal remedy. India is one of the world’s leading producer of honey, with an astounding variety available in the market. The best honey brands are distinguished by their superior quality and unique flavours. We have put together a list of some of the top options for you.

What are the benefits of honey?

Honey is high in minerals and antioxidants, has antimicrobial qualities, and can help with diabetes management when combined with a healthy diet. It also has the following health benefits:

* Honey contains very little protein and fibre and is essentially just sugar. It also has no fat. Although honey has trace amounts of some elements, most people don’t eat enough of it to make it a substantial source of vitamins and minerals in their diets.
* Honey is high in antioxidants such as phenolic acids and flavonoids.
* Consuming honey in moderation is still advised, particularly for those who have type 2 diabetes, since it may provide some preventive benefits for blood sugar regulation.
* Honey has been associated with heart-healthy benefits, such as lowered blood pressure and blood lipid levels.
* Honey is a useful addition to many other skincare regimens when applied topically to cure burns, wounds and other skin issues. It works especially well for diabetic foot ulcers.
* Honey is considered to be a great natural cure for both dry and wet coughs.

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5 best honey brands in India

Finding and selecting one from the best honey brands can be confusing, but we have tried to help you select what may suit your needs, taste and pocket.

1. Dabur Honey

If you believe in a trustworthy brand name, this honey brand is best suited for you. It is one of the oldest honey brands in India. They obtain it directly from beekeepers and prepare it using cutting-edge technology to preserve its natural sweetness. It is free of chemicals, preservatives, and artificial additives. This honey contains naturally occurring antioxidants, pollen, vitamins and natural minerals. Sourced from hives nestled in deep forests, it is unprocessed and unpasteurised. Regular consumption of this honey can boost immunity, contributes to heart health and helps in staying fit.

2. Royal Bee Brothers

When compared to other brands of honey on the market, Royal Bee Brothers honey is of superior quality and is more reasonably priced. This honey is unprocessed, unheated, free from adulteration and preservatives. It can boost immunity and is a great source of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

3. Zandu Pure Honey

This honey includes a special homemade blend of Sunderban Honey and Tulsi. Scientifically demonstrated to boost immunity and offer more antioxidants. In addition, it aids with weight loss, lipid balance maintenance, cough, cold, and allergy relief, and it can be used in place of sugar.

4. Saffola Honey

This honey is produced with the highest quality components sourced from the best suppliers. The honey has a distinct flavour and is ideal for baking and cooking, as well as serving as a general all-purpose sweetener. It contains antioxidants, which helps boost immunity. This honey complies with 22 stringent FSSAI parameters which ensure that this honey is free from adulteration and 100 percent pure.

5. Indigenous Honey Raw Organic Honey

Indigineous Honey Raw Organic honey is a naturally occurring source of energy that is smooth, fragrant, wonderfully, and irresistibly delicious. It is best for those who are looking for organic honey.

What is organic honey?

Pesticides and other hazardous substances are widely used in conventional farming. But it comes with a lot of concerns for the environment and bee health. Additionally, these substances can build up in honey, which may be harmful to people’s well-being if consumed in significant quantities. So, it is important to choose organic options while choosing honey. Antibiotics, pesticides, or synthetic chemicals are not used in the production of organic honey. It only uses environmentally friendly and sustainable methods.

Bees in organic honey production feed on natural nectar and pollen sources. As a consequence, the honey is produced without any of the hazardous byproducts that are frequently present in honey made conventionally.

In addition, compared to regular honey, organic honey typically has a higher vitamin content. Higher quantities of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants can be found in organic honey since bees are allowed to graze on a natural diet. Thus, as compared to non-organic honey, organic honey may be more healthy.

How to choose the right honey?

Choosing the right honey is important for your health. So, consider the following points before making the final purchasing decision:

  • Consider buying raw honey that has not been pasturised or filtered. It contains the highest level of pollen.
  • Carefully read the labels to get better insights about the product and to ensure that it is safe to consume.
  • Consider the source of the honey. Carefully check whether the honey has been formulated by following the ethics and sustainability guidelines.
  • Consider the type of the honey and choose the one that contains essential nutritional values.
  • Pay attention to the flavour, colour and texture of the honey.
    Make sure that the honey is free of any additives such as sugar as it can negatively affect your health.
  • Read online reviews and take recommendations to get valuable information about the product.

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