Looking for a low-cal snack that will help you lose weight? Chomp on papad!

If weight gain and unwanted binge sessions are your two biggest concerns, we have a pocket-friendly and a nutritious solution that will blow your mind. Ladies, meet papad!
East or west, papad is the BEST! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 12 Nov 2021, 08:00 am IST
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When we talk about eating healthy, our mind thinks of all the western food! This really goes on to show how much we underestimate the value of desi foods. Cutting a long story short, healthy food doesn’t necessarily have to be fancy or expensive. You could chomp away on papad and lose weight! 

Sounds bizarre? Well, don’t be stunned, because it’s true! The roasted papad that your mum serves with meals is available in yummy variants, and is amazingly healthy.

Today, we are here to reveal every benefit of eating papad, so that you can enjoy it guilt-free!

Is eating papad really healthy?   

According to Ms Nafisa Habib, senior dietitian at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai, eating papad is a great idea. She says, “Different variants of papad are loaded with sodium and potassium. They also contain a healthy amount of magnesium, iron, and carbohydrates. The best option is to eat homemade papad, so that you can keep a check on the number of ingredients. That way you can enjoy a healthier version of your favourite papad.”

eating papad
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Here are 4 surprising benefits of eating crunchy papad

1. Low-calorie food

Want to battle the bulge? We have a perfect solution for you. You can opt for papad, but ask the expert first. Also, eat a quantity that is recommended by them.

2. Papad aids digestion

“Do you encounter digestive issues? If yes, nosh on that crispy papad. It produces digestive enzymes by easing the digestion process,” explains Ms Habib.

Also, it helps in tackling other gut problems by promoting good bacteria in the gut.

3. It’s gluten-free

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Plus, it is also high in protein, and can be enjoyed by people across age groups. But, remember not to go overboard. Another thing to keep in mind is that you must opt for the roasted version and not the fried ones.

4. Packed with fibre

Fibre is extremely important, so make sure to have foods packed with it regularly! Papad has it in generous amounts, and helps regulate bowel movements. Due to this reason, it also helps in keeping your weight in check.

eating papad
Fix your gut wid papadr. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Papad as a healthy snack

Papad is the best snacking option. Even your favourite nachos are nothing but papad, but fried! You can top it with veggies to add that healthy twist. 

“But those who have been recommended a low-sodium diet must be careful, because papad is rich in sodium, and salt is nothing but sodium chloride”, says Ms Habib. 

It is also important to know which meals go along with papad. According to Ms Habib, Indian meals such as dal and rice are incomplete without this accompaniment. It is a good appetizer and satisfies the palate of all age groups. 

eating papad
Papad is Indian food’s best friend. Image courtesy: Unsplash

Looking for more options? You can eat masala papad as a snack, since it has all the veggies. You can also make papad sabzi and try something new. Stuffed papad with vegetable stuffing is also an innovative idea. You can even eat papad with pulao, dal khichdi, biryani, and masala rice.

“Just remember not to eat papad, when you are eating foods that are high in sodium like packaged foods. That’s because papad is high in salt content and too much salt is not good for you,” she concludes.

So ladies, munch on the crunch of papad without any guilt!

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