To all you fruit lovers, avoid these 4 mistakes while noshing on your favourite fruits

Make the most of the benefits of fruits by avoiding some common mistakes and eating them right!
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Avoid these mistakes when it comes eating fruits. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Vanshika Sharma Updated: 1 Aug 2022, 17:11 pm IST
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Fruits are an essential element of our diets. They are mostly eaten raw or are consumed in the form of juices or milkshakes. Fruits are the most natural and healthy food available to us as they are rich in sugars, sucrose, fructose, and glucose that a body needs to function. However, we can frequently miss out on some vital benefits of fruits if we don’t take proper care. So, it’s important that we eat them right to maximize their health benefits.

Do you know that there are some very common mistakes that we make while eating fruits?

Subah Jain Saraf of Satvic Movement highlighted some such common fruit mistakes that people tend to make, via an Instagram post

“Earlier, I used to eat fruits anyhow, thinking that they must be healthy because ‘Hello, it’s fruit!’ But later I learnt that there is a right and a wrong way to consume fruits,” Saraf says.

4 mistakes which can affect benefits of fruits

1. Mixing the wrong combinations of fruits

It is best not to combine sweet fruits with citric fruits. Instead, eat sweet fruits with other sweet fruits and citric fruits with other citric fruits because every category of fruits requires a different digestive juice to be released in your stomach. Also, remember the rule with melons. If you can’t eat them alone, leave them alone. Melons never team up with other players in the fruit market as they might not digest well when combined with others. Due to their high water content, they get digested more quickly than other fruits. So, avoid these fruit combinations.

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Be careful of the fruits you are adding in your fruit bowl. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Putting salt on fruits

Sprinkling salt or chat masala on fruits is what we ‘fruit chaat’ lovers enjoy most. But have you ever noticed how after sprinkling salts, fruits release their water? That water also signifies a loss of nutrients. Also, sodium present in salt and chat masala is not good for the kidneys as they lead to water retention in our bodies. So eat your fruits raw, without adding any salt or chat masala on it.

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3. Having fruits after meal

It can be very tempting to eat sweet fruits after your meal, but doing that doesn’t allow your meal to get digested properly. The sugar content of fruit ferments with the carbohydrates and proteins, which slows down the digestive process. It puts more strain on the digestive system and could give you a stomach ache and other problems. So, it’s not a good idea to consume fruits right after a meal. The best time to eat fruit is at least 30 minutes to an hour after a meal or when you have an empty stomach every morning.

benefits of fruits
Please avoid fruits after consuming meal! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Washing fruits after cutting

Washing fruits after cutting them is never a good idea, regardless of the person’s habit. It is vital to wash fruits and vegetables before eating them. If you wash fruits after cutting them, it will wash the vitamins and minerals away.

If you want to gain full nutritional benefits of fruits in your diet, try to avoid making these mistakes.

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