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Are you a vegan? Get your daily dose of calcium from these plant sources

In case you are looking for calcium-rich foods that are completely vegan, you’re in the right place! Read on to know how you can include this nutrient in your vegan diet.
calcium-rich foods
Get calcium from plant-based foods. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Dr Archana Batra Published: 12 Mar 2021, 05:40 pm IST
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Calcium is a fundamental building block in your body. Your bones and teeth are made up of calcium, and you also need this nutrient for the optimal functioning of your nervous system and heart muscles. If you’re vegan or don’t enjoy animal-based sources to get your daily dose of calcium, then we’re here to help you. It is a lot easier than you think and no, you don’t need to obsess about counting your macros. 

In fact, here are 4 calcium-rich foods that are completely vegan:
1. Tofu

Tofu is a natural source of calcium; it offers you 275-261 mg per cup. Remember the amount of calcium tofu offers you, but it will vary according to its brand and firmness. Make sure you read labels before buying.

calcium-rich foods
Not just vegans, even you should add tofu in your diet. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
2. Butternut squash

This food comes with unique health benefits. A cup of butternut squash has 84 mg of calcium. You also get health benefits, thanks to vitamin C that is present in butternut squash. You may wonder what vitamin C has to do with calcium. Well, it matters a lot. Vitamin C increases the intestinal absorption of calcium in the body.

3. Seeds

These tiny seeds are a powerhouse of nutrition. Simply adding them to your bakes, salads or even sandwiches can give you a lot of nutrition. You can also add it to smoothies for added flavour. Several seeds like poppy, sesame and chia are high in calcium. These seeds are a great source of plant-based fatty acids as well. Sunflower seeds contain huge amounts of calcium and magnesium; this also regulates the nerve and muscle health. Sunflower seeds are also known to contain copper and vitamin E. Together, these nutrients can promote better bone health and flexibility.

calcium-rich foods
These seeds are Mother Nature’s gift to heal the hormonal frenzy in your body. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
4. Sweet potatoes

Boiled sweet potatoes taste awesome. They are a natural source of calcium; a single large sweet potato contains 68mg. It’s also rich in vitamin A, C and potassium. While vitamin A ensures you have a good eyesight, vitamin C will lead to better absorption of calcium in your intestine. Sweet potatoes also help you fight signs of ageing and lower the risk of certain types of cancer, thanks to its rich nutrients.

Make sure to include these calcium-rich foods in your diet. Increase your calcium intake if you are 30+ or have weak bones.

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Dr Archana Batra is a dietitian, physiotherapist, and a certified diabetes educator. Dr Archana has 12 years of experience in nutrition and diet counseling. She believes in maintaining healthy eating. Her specialization is on weight management diets and diets related to metabolic disorders like diabetes, high cholesterol levels, and hypertension etc. ...Read More

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