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3 ways to switch your tea and coffee habits now!

Are you in love with your tea and coffee? Be mindful of how much you have it, when you have it, and what do you have it with!
tea and coffee
This Christmas, indulge in the celebrations but try these diet tricks to keep your fit bod in check! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Team Health Shots Published: 15 Oct 2021, 05:00 pm IST
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A cup of tea or coffee translates to comfort for a whole lot of people, doesn’t it? It calms us down, and energises us at the same time. But like most good things in life, not having it in the right way can impact your health negatively. So remember to have them in moderation and at a proper time in the day.

tea and coffee
Chai as the first thing in the morning is a no-no! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Consuming them right at the start of the day, on an empty stomach, is not the best idea. Neither is drinking either of them too late at night right before you sleep. You should also control the quantity that you consume, and make sure your accompaniment is definitely something healthier than unhealthy biscuits.

According to Dr Tejas Limaye, Clinical Nutritionist, Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, Chinchwad, Pune you can change your habits and habits can change your future.

  • How to change your tea and coffee habits?

    1. Go gradually. Reduce the frequency and quantity step by step

    2. Make these drinks milder, so they will be less addictive and will have lesser damaging effects on the body

    3. Have healthier alternatives like – herbal tea (simply boil ginger, tulsi leaves, lemon grass, cinnamon in water), haldi-milk, lemon water, etc.

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  • Why is it not advisable to have tea and coffee?
    1. They are acidic: Tea and coffee consumption, especially if strong, is known to worsen hyperacidity.
    2. They contain anti-nutrients: Tea is rich in tannins. Tannins are known to hinder iron absorption. Coffee can interfere with calcium absorption and metabolism in the body.
    3. They are addictive: Those who are habituated to tea and coffee, find it very difficult to reduce the quantity or frequency of tea and coffee consumption.
    4. They make us ingest unnecessary sugar: With every cup of tea or coffee, we unnecessarily pour sugar i.e. empty calories in the body. Excessive consumption of these drinks can lead to weight gain.
    5. They can cause oral health troubles: Tannins in tea can stain teeth. Also, excessive lemon or sugar added in tea can damage teeth further. Tea and coffee can also lead to bad breath.

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tea and coffee
Steer clear of biscuits! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Why should you avoid biscuits with tea and coffee

What can make these hot beverages worse is the consumption of biscuits along with them.

  • Biscuits are loaded with empty calories, and add no nutritional value as such.
  • Biscuits are highly processed. They can contain maida (refined flour), sugar, cream or refined oils, baking soda – all known as white poisons! Whole grain biscuits are no exceptions!
  • Due to maida and sugar, biscuits can increase blood sugar level while baking soda can contribute to high blood pressure.
  • Refined, sugary and sticky nature of biscuits can lead to tooth decay.

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