Fix hot flashes due to menopause with these 3 healthy drinks

Hot flashes during the menopause stage appear in many women. But, we've got an expert to suggest some healthy drinks for hot flashes relief.
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Hot flashes are common among women who hit menopause. But they are manageable. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Published: 3 Mar 2022, 10:16 am IST
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If your nights are ridden by hot flashes and night sweats, you might be in your menopausal stage. Hot flashes are one of the most prickly symptoms women experience during menopause. In fact, they can be severe and intense in some cases, making it difficult for you to sleep. However, you can alleviate these issues. An expert reveals there are certain healthy drinks that can help you manage your hot flashes during menopause.

Hot flashes aren’t due to underlying diseases. So, if you’re experiencing them, this is what you will feel:

* A sudden feeling of warmth (on your chest, neck, or face)
* Sweating all over your face and body
* Racing heartbeats
* Red flushed face
* Tingling in the fingers
* Feeling of anxiety

Hot flashes come on suddenly and can feel like a burst of anxiety. This mostly happens at night while sleeping and that is why it is also called night sweat. It can wake you up and make it difficult to go back to sleep. However, they can also occur during the day.

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Hot flashes are common during menopause. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Most women don’t seek treatment because they believe it’s normal and it’s going to happen no matter you’re having treatment or not. But it is not true! There are ways to manage hot flashes.

Is it possible to manage hot flashes during menopause?

HealthShots spoke to Vidhi Chawla, a dietitian and the owner of Fisico Diet Clinic, about the healthy drinks suggestions to manage hot flashes.

She said, “You can get relief from hot flashes just by tweaking your dietary intake. Here are some carefully curated simple drinks that you can make at home with easily available ingredients.”

Consume these 3 drinks to manage hot flashes during menopause

Vidhi Chawla recommends these drinks to control hot flashes:

1. Water

Make a new best friend during menopause, Water! Water not only helps with homeostasis but also prevents your muscles from cramping. It helps with bloating as well and maintains hormone levels. This in turn helps with the mood swings as well. Hot flashes are thoroughly influenced by the hydration status of the body, especially if you are a person who perspires a lot. While drinking water can appear as a tedious task, it could be consumed with a few drops of citrus juice in it. At any cost, sugar has to be avoided.

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Stay hydrated to stay fit. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Teas

A misunderstanding that people undergoing menopause have is that certain teas may help with joint pains and cramps. It does but the temperatures at which the teas are consumed matter. Drinking hot teas doesn’t help in hot flashes. Hence, switching to iced- teas can be a saviour! Again something to keep in mind is to limit the sugar intake and replace it with natural sweeteners such as honey or jaggery.

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3. Coolers

A common trend that seems to be rising among people combating menopause is that they tend to rely on alcohol, which unfortunately only aggravates the whole problem. Hence making healthy coolers with honey and jaggery, helps the cause. For example, you can make healthier versions of Pina Colada by blending pineapple, frozen banana, and coconut milk into a smoothie and have it! Similarly making mint coolers, and other fruity coolers might help in maintaining the cool.

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