Hey there coffee lovers! This study says your daily cup can make chocolate taste even sweeter

If you love bitter coffee and dark chocolate, then this scientific research from Denmark is shedding the light on how coffee alters taste buds.
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ANI Updated: 13 Oct 2023, 03:29 pm IST
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Since a lot of us have made coffee our regular jam, we may often choose to stray away from milk chocolates and choose the ‘seemingly bitter’ dark chocolate. If this is happening to you, then you must read this study which says that regular consumption of coffee can change our taste buds. 

Conducted at Aarhus University in Denmark and published in the scientific journal Foods, the study says that sweet food taste even sweeter when consumed after drinking coffee.

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A scientific explanation for all the dark chocolate you may have been stocking
Coffee lovers with a penchant for dark chocolate now have a scientific explanation for why the two are a perfect match, as the study explains why coffee drinkers are more sensitive to sweet foods.

In the study, 156 test subjects had their sense of smell and taste tested before and after drinking coffee. The researchers found no changes in their sense of smell, but they found that the sense of taste was affected.

“When people were tested after drinking coffee, they became more sensitive to sweetness and less sensitive to bitterness,” said associate professor at Aarhus University, Alexander Wieck Fjaeldstad, who was involved in carrying out the study.

It’s not the impact of caffeine but coffee itself
To rule out the possibility that caffeine in the coffee could be a factor, the researchers repeated the experiment using decaffeinated coffee  and came to the same conclusion.

“It’s probably some of the bitter substances in the coffee that create this effect,” says Alexander Wieck Fjaeldstad.

“This may explain that if you enjoy a piece of dark chocolate with your cup of Joe, it’s taste is much milder, because the bitterness is downplayed and the sweetness is enhanced,” he continued.

According to the researcher, the study sheds some light on a new aspect of our knowledge about our senses of smell and taste.

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Coffee can make sweet foods taste even sweeter. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“We already know that our senses have an effect on each other, but it’s a surprise that our registration of sweetness and bitterness is so easily influenced,” he added. According to Alexander, the results maybe provide us with a better understanding of how our taste buds work.

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How can the research help us discovering further truths?
“More research in this area could have significance for how we regulate the way in which we use sugar and sweeteners as food additives. Improved knowledge can potentially be utilised to reduce sugar and calories in our food, which would be beneficial for a number of groups, including those who are overweight and diabetes patients,” he explains.

So, ladies a cuppa can be a phenomenal beverage that can refresh and warm you up, but like everything, it must be consumed in moderation. 

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