This study says that the extra hours you spend working might just increase your risk of a thyroid disorder

All those hours we all unconsciously spend slogging at work can actually impact our thyroid function.
long working hours and thyroid
All work and no play can actually dull down your health, Ladies! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
PTI Updated: 13 Oct 2023, 15:11 pm IST
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We all spend the most part of our days working, but a lot of times we unconsciously overwork which puts our bodies at immense health risks. Our overworked selves might just be at the risk of an under-functioning thyroid that leads to bigger health issues.  

Adults who work long hours are more likely to have an underactive thyroid, according to a study that may lead to a better lifestyle and clinical recommendations for hyperthyroidism.

The impact of the people spending long hours on work
The current study, published in the Journal of the Endocrine Society, found a higher risk of hypothyroidism with long working hours regardless of the workers’ socioeconomic status or sex, even though this common thyroid disorder affects women more than men.

“Overwork is a prevalent problem threatening the health and safety of workers worldwide,” said study co-author Young Ki Lee from the National Cancer Center in Goyang-si in South Korea.

long working hours and thyroid
It time to take into account your working hours so your health doesn’t suffer. Image Courtesy : Shutterstock

“To our knowledge, this study is the first to show that long working hours are associated with hypothyroidism,” Lee said.

In the study, the scientists assessed data from 2,160 adult full-time workers who participated in the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2013 to 2015.

They identified hypothyroidism from records of the participants’ thyroid blood analyses.

According to the study, hypothyroidism occurred at more than twice the rate in participants who worked 53 to 83 hours weekly versus those who worked 36 to 42 hours each week.

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Does having thyroid have a domino effect on overall health?
For each 10-hour increase in the workweek, the scientists said, individuals who worked longer hours had increased odds for hypothyroidism compared with those who worked 10 hours less.

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Lee cautioned that further studies are needed to determine whether long working hours cause hypothyroidism, which is a known risk factor for heart disease and diabetes.

Earlier research has shown that hypothyroidism causes tiredness, depression, feeling cold, and weight gain.

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Should a reduction in working hours be recommended for overworked people?
“If a causal relationship is established, it can be the basis for recommending a reduction in working hours to improve thyroid function among overworked individuals with hypothyroidism,” he said.

Lee added that screening for hypothyroidism could be easily integrated into workers’ health screening programs using simple laboratory tests.”

long working hours and thyroid
Getting a blood test for your lipid profile, thyroid function may help you curb further health hazards. Image courtesy: Shutterstock


“If long working hours really cause hypothyroidism, the prevalence of hypothyroidism in Korea might decrease slightly as the working hours decrease,” he said.

So, Ladies while working is what gives you your sense of identity and livelihood, overworking yourself isn’t a fashionable goal you should be running behind. You along with your work can only thrive if you take care of yourself. After all, your health is not a choice but a priority in life.

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