These 5 pieces of great coronavirus news are the rays of hope we need during this pandemic

As we all scroll through our phones looking for updates about coronavirus, it might often empty our hope capsules. But not all is lost and these five positive developments are proof.
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Aishwarya Chopra Updated: 22 Mar 2020, 16:33 pm IST
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While we are all struggling to understand the massive setback that coronavirus has brought into lives and society, our mental health is struggling too. Seeing the growing statistics of people infected does dampen our hope and optimism. However, not all is lost. In fact, here are five great pieces of covid-19 news that will reignite your hope.

1. China has finally closed down its last temporary hospital after the number of coronavirus patients substantially reduced
A trail of medical workers in Wuhan, China were seen gleefully removing their masks after the city closed down its last coronavirus hospital. In early February, Wuhan had to build two panic hospitals to create more than 2,000 additional beds that tirelessly grappled with the disease’s outbreak.

With a death toll that surpassed 3,000 in China, all health professionals in their country took drastic steps to fight down the disease at the forefront. They took drastic steps to serve the infected patients by shaving their heads, wearing adult diapers to cut down on personal time, and taking birth control pills to delay their monthly periods.

While thousands of doctors tirelessly serve even after being overwhelmed, under-equipped and at a huge risk of becoming infected themselves, they gave their everything to help fight against the pandemic. Their smiles give the message of refusing to stop until it’s completely done.  

2. Indian doctors have been successful in the treatment of the COVID-19 pandemic
As an elderly Italian couple was undergoing treatment for coronavirus at the SMS Hospital in Jaipur, the health officials administered a combination of drugs commonly used to treat HIV infection.

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“Even before he acquired the infection (the Italian man), he had some respiratory issues. His condition had deteriorated and he developed severe respiratory problems after getting the coronavirus infection and thus was given these drugs. His condition is stable now. His wife is also doing better,” said Medical Superintendent of SMS Hospital, Dr S Meena.

The Drug Controller General of India had approved the drug’s restricted use after the Indian Council of Medical Research had sought emergency approval for using the drugs for treating coronavirus. The successful treatment of the elderly couple became a beacon of hope for other patients, their families, and the entire healthcare system.

3. A 103-year-old Chinese fully recovered from the covid-19 infection after being treated for six days
Statistics claim that the elderly are at the highest risk of poor outcomes–and it makes us feel scared for all the elders in our life. Even the possibility of a running fever leaves us anxious for them. Yet, the successful recovery of a 103-year-old grandmother became the calming balm we all yearned for.

Our parents need all of our extra care while coronavirus is doing its rounds. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

After following the six-day recovery plan in Wuhan, the centenarian Zhang Guangfen, was discharged from the hospital. When she entered the hospital she was in a critical condition and couldn’t communicate with the paramedics. Dr Zeng Yulan while escorting the patient out of the hospital shared that the old lady was able to recover within a week since “she didn’t have many underlying health conditions.”

She went on to become the oldest coronavirus patient yet to recover. She has become a symbolic and physical proof that the will power of the collective shall always be bigger than the limiting power of statistics.

4. A group of Canadian scientists are making phenomenal progress towards covid-19 vaccine
A cluster of scientists from Sunnybrook Research Centre, McMaster University and the University of Toronto have cultured isolated and grown copies of the virus. The researchers with the help of the isolated virus shall gain better understanding of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). This research shall help the global health systems develop better diagnostic testing, treatments, and vaccines.

Consequently Medicago, a Quebec City pharmaceutical firm, had announced that it has produced a virus-like particle of the coronavirus just 20 days after obtaining the SARS-SoV-2 virus gene. In producing the virus-like particle lies the first auspicious step in developing a vaccine. In the process of undergoing preclinical testing, Medicago shared that it is looking into human trials starting this summer.

The time estimated to develop a preventative vaccine for COVID-19 is estimated from 12-18 months. About 10 candidates are already in the works for vaccines worldwide with one gearing for clinical testing in April. Here’s the sunbeam of vaccine hope we all have been looking for!

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5.The Venice canals were found pristinely clear after Italy enforced coronavirus lockdown
During this turbulent time as we all collectively experience the quarantine, the social isolation brought out the hidden wonders of the Venice canal streams. After Italy enforced a lockdown on the city due to coronavirus, residents found their silver lining.

The boat traffic is what often brought the sedimentation to the surface making it hard for the water animals to visibly co-inhabit along with the human population. The massively reduced traffic on the canals allowed the sedimentation to stay at the bottom making it crystal clear.

In these images, the common Venice imagery of cargo boats, cruise ships, and tourist gondolas got beautifully replaced by a flock of swans and fishes around the pristinely clear waterbody. While coronavirus inhibited a closer contact between humans, it managed to rekindle the human connection with nature.

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