Survey of half-a-million women proves early screening can reduce risk of fatal breast cancer

Getting mammography often evokes fear or contempt in us women. But the truth is that can really save us from fatal breast cancer.
A mammogram is important to rule out breast related issues. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Team Health Shots Published: 11 May 2020, 18:03 pm IST
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As fatal as breast cancer can be it, it is also preventable. Isn’t that the knowledge we’ve all grown up on? And if you needed more evidence to go for regular mammography screening, then let this study be the proof and testament you need. 

Published in Cancer, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society (ACS), the study analysed more than half a million women in Sweden to come to the conclusion that mammography does indeed reduce the rate of fatal breast cancers. 

This is the impact of mammography on early breast cancer diagnosis
To study the potential impact that early screening makes, Dr Laszlo Tabar, MD, of Falun Central Hospital, Sweden and Stephen Duffy, MSc, of the Queen Mary University of London, investigated data of one-third of women in Sweden eligible for mammography screening.

The researchers wanted to calculate the growth rates of breast cancer that was fatal within 10 years post-diagnosis. They also compared the data of women who actually did opt for the recommended mammography rather than those who did not.

 mammography and breast cancer
Early detection can save your life,ladies. Image courtesy: Shutterstock.

After the in-depth research, it was found that there was a 41% reduction in fatal cancer growth within 10 years of diagnosis. For women suffering advanced breast cancer, a 25% cancer reduction rate was found.

“This study shows that participation in breast cancer screening substantially reduces the risk of having fatal breast cancer,” said Dr Duffy.

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When should you go in for a mammography?
Well, the American Cancer Society recommends all women to get a mammogram done annually after the age of 30 to rule out the risk of breast cancer. For women with dense breast tissue, doctors may also recommend an MRI or CAT scan. 

If you’re below 30, you must begin with monthly self-breast examinations to detect any symptoms of breast cancer at home. If you discover any physical changes in your breast, discharge from the nipple, or find your nipple to be inverted–do call your gynaecologist immediately. 


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