Study suggests that improper sleep might impact the way you react emotionally

If you are not feeling emotionally there lately then blame it on your insufficient sleep.
effects of insufficient sleep on emotions
Don’t let insufficient sleep make you emotionally bias. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
ANI Updated: 17 May 2021, 18:20 pm IST
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Sleep is not just good for your physical health but it has a lot to do with your mental and emotional health too. Have you ever noticed that when you are sleep deprived then you feel very insecure emotionally? You feel agitated and irritated at times? Also, you broke down way too easily when you haven’t slept properly? 

If the answer to all the above questions is a big fat yes then it’s high time that you correct your sleeping patterns. No we aren’t kidding, in fact, this recent research is also agreeing with us.  

A recent study was published in the Journal of Sleep Research suggests that insufficient sleep may have a negative impact on emotional reactions

smartphones and sleep deprivation
Do you often fail to put your phone away at night? Well, the blue light isn’t going to put you to sleep. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Insufficient sleep means emotional bias
The study found that participants perceived pleasant and neutral pictures in a more negative way when their sleep was restricted for several nights in a row.

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In the study, participants were tested in the morning after 5 nights of regular sleep and after 5 consecutive nights of sleep restriction (5 hours a night).

“Insufficient sleep may impose a negative emotional bias, leading to an increased tendency to evaluate emotional stimuli as negative,” said lead author Daniela Tempesta, PhD, of the University of L’Aquila, in Italy.

She noted that the findings are especially pertinent because chronic sleep restriction is a common and underestimated health problem in the general population.

She added:

Considering the pervasiveness of insufficient sleep in modern society, our results have potential implications for daily life, as well as in clinical settings.

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Ways to sleep better
We understand due to this lockdown you don’t have much to do and at times you don’t feel like even sleeping. Therefore we have got you some tricks that might help you sleep better. For the starters, you can give exercise a try. There are a lot of yoga poses that can help you sleep. Music is another way to fall asleep – you can also opt for mood music to calm your nerves down.

Also, listen:

And if still you are unable to take a nap then you should go and visit a doctor as there are chances that you might be dealing with insomnia. 

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