Pandemic stress and sedentary lifestyle are complicating existing health issues in people

The pandemic has not only added to our stress, but has also our sedentary lifestyle even more passive. All this, according to medical experts, is a disaster waiting to happen.
coronavirus and lifestyle changes
Stress and sedentary lifestyle during the pandemic is a lethal combo! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
PTI Updated: 30 Oct 2023, 16:26 pm IST
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Ever since this pandemic began, our way of living has changed. With everyone locked in their homes, our lifestyle has become even more sedentary with increasing binge eating sessions and less exercise. And if that wasn’t enough, the recession has increased our stress levels manifold.

Perhaps we all know that this kind of lifestyle is not sustainable, but now doctors are even saying that. Medical experts are talking about how this kind of sedentary lifestyle with added stress is leading to lifestyle diseases and can also further complicate existing health issues.

Dr Ashish Agarwal, head and senior consultant, Department of Cardiology, Aakash Healthcare & Super Speciality Hospital, Dwarka, says that more patients of blood pressure and diabetes are now visiting the hospital more often as their condition is becoming complicated.

“People have the inertia of going to the hospital due to the pandemic situation. So, the patients are not consulting doctors for their regular follow-up who might suggest them to change medicines and is continuing the medicines they were prescribed. This can also complicate the situation,” he said.

The lack of physical activity has complicated the situation
“The lifestyle after covid has definitely added to the heart ailments. Issues like unnecessary weight gain, lack of physical activity, not getting proper sleep because of long working hours, added stress, and binge eating cause additional burden to the heart,” said Dr Ashwin Madhukar, senior cardiologist, Apollo Telehealth.

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Sedentary lifestyle might be putting you at several heart diseases. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The senior doctor also said that due to the pandemic, people are getting more stressed and depressed and indulging in substance abuse like smoking and drinking because of added insecurities.

“Even if they are eating healthy food, due to lack of physical movement they are most likely to become couch potatoes. The continuous binging should be stopped, they should do exercises at home, cut down their diet, regular checkups on diabetes, BP if they have the diseases,” he suggested.

Dr Upali Nanda, Head–preventive health consultant–Internal Medicine, Medeor Hospital, Delhi says they have seen an increase in instances of alcohol consumption and also in cases of insomnia, depression, anxiety and restlessness.

She said due to a sedentary lifestyle, people are facing health issues which are manifested mostly in working professionals in the age groups of 30 to 55 years.

“People need to take care of their posture while sitting in front of their computers and instead of bingeing on colas and fried foods, they should have salads. They should take a break in between their work and take a walk for 10 minutes. They can take to gardening, do aerobics or read a book to destress themselves,” she suggested. 

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Since now the doctors are even saying this, try to change your sedentary lifestyle and stress less!

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