It’s time to celebrate Earth Day in lockdown with these 7 activities

While everything is on pause during quarantine, let's be thankful to Mother Nature by celebrating Earth Day 2020 while we're stuck in lockdown.
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We need to protect our planet to protect our health. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Aishwarya Chopra Updated: 22 Apr 2020, 01:20 pm IST
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While we are all facing a health pandemic, this seems to be the apt time to be celebrating Earth Day. Facing covid-19 has made us conscious of the impact of our actions on our health, but we must also become conscious of these actions on the environment.

Why did we start celebrating Earth Day though? In January 1969, while American students were protesting in support of the anti-war movement, politician and environmentalist Gaylord Nelson suggested this annual celebration to remind all of us of our shared responsibility as citizens of the earth.

Although we can’t assist in cleaning roads and beaches or take a class on planting, the lockdown has given us the opportunity to become conscious of our individual efforts towards the environment while keeping ourselves healthy.

Here are seven activities you can do during the lockdown to celebrate the true essence of Earth Day:

1. It’s time to go plant-based for just a day
While plant-based food has multiple health benefits, it’s core ethics lie in consuming food that provides minimal damage to the environment. While a lot of us might have contemplated trying it, this seems to be the apt opportunity to give it a shot. So it’s time to take out all the fresh veggies and fruits from your fridge and cook up a delicious health treats.

activities for earth day during lockdown
Load up on veggies and fruits for the plant-based foods have phenomenal heart power! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

With the abundance of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, you shall also boost your immunity giving you the strength to fight the covid-19 while you celebrate the earth.

You can also go a step further and try composting with the leftover scrap waste. It’s pretty simple, just put them in a Tupperware and store it under the sink, in your freezer, or in your balcony.

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2. Stimulate your mind by choosing reading over streaming
Since we are stuck in our homes, our screen time seems to be quadrupling. Being glued to our phones mindlessly for hours impacts both our mental health and environment.

Interestingly, reading can stimulate your mind, reduce stress and your individual carbon footprint caused by streaming over the internet. So, it’s time to give binge-watching a day’s rest and pick up the book that has been on your hopeful reading list for months. Let’s get back to the basics of educating or entertaining ourselves, ladies.

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3. Give gardening a shot
We all have made a long list of ‘productive activities’ we would like to try during the quarantine. Getting inspired by Earth Day, it’s time to scratch gardening off the list by giving it a shot. While you tend to your plants, you can also educate yourself on how the food reaches from the farm to your plate. This shall inspire you to choose to eat healthy and become mindful of food waste.

4. Sweat it out around nature
Factor in a 30-minute workout around your plants. Social distancing is keeping us indoors which may make us feel disconnected from the nature around us, but exercising in your balcony or terrace can help with that.

activities for earth day during lockdown
Try exercising on your balcony or porch around your plants,ladies. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

As research suggests, spending time around nature reduces stress and anxiety, improves mood and boosts the immune system. It’s time to get your blood pumping in your garden, keeping you safe from covid-19 while making you conscious of your environment.

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5. While life is giving us lemons, let’s make disinfectants
As we all are collectively fighting against the contagious coronavirus, maintaining sanitation has become our utmost priority. This makes cleaning products and disinfectants our warriors. While they do protect us from harmful viruses, the harsh chemicals in them aren’t something we need.

Let’s switch out these harsh chemical solutions with natural disinfectants that are a win-win for both our homes and the planet. Turns out, one of the most effective disinfectants is in our kitchen itself.

You can use the power cleaners white vinegar and lemons to clean out the buildup stains, odors and dust collected in your house surfaces and dirty clothes.

6. Whip up healthy delicacies with leftover food
Stuck in lockdown, we’re all forced to become conscious of the amount of food we frivolously waste due to limited resources supply. During this quarantine time, it’s time to try minimalistic cooking.

With the food items left in your pantry, search and come up with creative dishes to fill up your stomach. This activity can get your creative juices flowing while helping you make environment-friendly choices especially when the world is going through a resource crisis as we fight covid-19.

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7. Clean out your beauty closet to make cleaner choices
With extra time on your hands, it’s time to clean out your beauty closet productively. Instead of just organizing it better, you can choose to educate yourself on the ingredients that go into each beauty product you buy.

actvities for earth day during lockdown
Don’t let plastic dominate your dresser. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

While you educate yourself on the impact of those ingredients on your body, you can also research the environment-conscious beauty brands that are available. You can also bookmark the eco-conscious alternatives that help you reduce your plastic waste while giving you cleaner natural products.

The earth has given us a space to inhabit and experience the world, it’s time we use this lockdown to become conscious of the space of earth in our lives and celebrate Earth Day while we’re at it.

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