Is there a natural solution for chronic pain? Science says give hemp oil a chance

Hemp oil might be marijuana’s not-so-trippy cousin–but it is loaded with health benefits, especially for those who suffer from chronic pain.
hemp oil benefits
Hemp oil is the secret ingredient to help you naturally relief chronic pain. Image courtesy: Shutterstock.
PTI Updated: 13 Oct 2023, 13:24 pm IST
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Yes, we know that hemp oil comes from cannabis and that cannabis has ahem… a reputation. But, don’t let this take away from the fact that hemp oil comes with a plethora of benefits. 

Hemp oil is obtained by pressing hemp seeds and is light green in colour. And since it has a very low percentage of THC–the biochemical substance that causes a mind-altering “high” state–it has no psychoactive effects on the brain.

In fact, traces of THC in hemp helps in improving the health and well-being of its users. Many people claim that it has cured their depression, anxiety, and OCD. While the jury is out on that, research states that hemp oil can, however, relieve pain. 

Yes, hemp oil is very potent in relieving chronic pain
There have been several studies that affirm that CBD in hemp is full of nutrition, vitamins, and minerals, and is beneficial in offering relief from stress and anxiety.  Some researchers even say that hemp oil may be the most advantageous compound for the human body as well as mind. Hemp oil also has an immediate and direct effect on any inflammation-based health problems–for example, joint pain due to arthritis, rheumatoid joint inflammation, osteoarthritis, and more. 

Researchers are still investigating as to how these compounds present in hemp oil bring down inflammation and alleviate pain. Hemp oil has restorative and nutritional value, and it can be ingested and used topically. Consuming hemp seeds along with the application of hemp oil can be more beneficial for arthritis patients to get relief faster.

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There is also an ever-increasing number of studies that show hemp is also effective in the treatment of diseases like diabetes, PTSD, alcohol addiction, and other neurological disorders.

Hemp oil appears to work even when other medications do not. So, give hemp oil a try to see the benefits yourself!

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