India needs a protein revolution because study says that we are protein deprived

If being exhausted is becoming your thing then there is a possibility that you are lacking protein quotient in your body.
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IANS Updated: 7 Feb 2020, 16:16 pm IST
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Hey, I’m a vegetarian. I only eat eggs. 

This statement might have left many people flabbergasted–because if you are a vegetarian then you don’t eat eggs.

Of course we can make the case of eggs stating that they are protein rich, but then the house would be divided between “eggitarians” and vegetarians. Perhaps this is the reason why the number of Indians who are protein deprived is shockingly high.  

India is the land of people who are protein deprived, says this study
Did you know that 63% of Indians consume insufficient protein in their daily diet? One of the striking highlights of a study conducted by Parag Milk Foods Ltd. (PMFL) states that people in top Indian cities lacked protein in their daily diet and are unaware of its lifestyle impacts such as hair loss, poor concentration, muscle loss, constant hunger, anaemia, low immunity, skin peel and ridges in nails, and polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD).

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According to the study, 55% Indian kids have a protein-deficient diet. And this lack of protein in the daily diet of Indians is turning out to be one of the leading causes of lifestyle-related issues.

While Indians are increasingly turning towards a health-conscious lifestyle, Mumbaikars lead the way with only 47% of respondents found to consume a protein-deficient diet daily. Kolkata and Delhi followed suite respectively with 63% and 64% of participants consuming a protein-deficient daily diet. Surprisingly, the study found 76% of participants from Hyderabad were observed consuming protein-deficient daily diet, making the Hyderabad last in the list.

You think it’s not that big a deal? Well, think again as you can end up getting the following health issues

  • 92% of people with a protein-deficient daily diet suffer from constant tiredness
  • 88% of people with protein-deficient daily diet have irregular eating habits
  • 68% of people with body ache and pain consume a protein-deficient daily diet
  • 67% of people with low muscle mass consume a protein-deficient daily diet
  • 65% of people with low hemoglobin consume a protein-deficient daily diet
  • 63% of people with hair loss consume a protein-deficient daily diet
  • 37% of people with protein-deficient daily diet suffer from poor concentration

Now you know the reason why you always feel so exhausted.

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Guess the reason for early hair loss and skin problems? Lack of protein it is
The study continues to highlight alarming findings such as 60% of participants under the age of 30 were consuming a protein-deficient daily diet. It also highlights that a whopping 97% of people under the age of 30 with a protein-deficient daily diet suffer from hair loss.

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Well, here’s hoping that’s proof enough to convince you to take a protein-rich diet. In fact, you should make it mandatory. And if you are on a weight-loss mission then protein intake is going to be the key.

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